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Colorado Buffaloes Win Against Georgia Bulldogs 70-68

Andre Roberson had an outstanding game scoring 15 points and grabbing 15 rebounds.
Andre Roberson had an outstanding game scoring 15 points and grabbing 15 rebounds.

The Colorado Buffaloes defeated the Georgia Bulldogs tonight by the score of 70-68 in their best performance of the year. By no means did the Buffaloes play a complete game, but there were less mistakes and they came out in the second half and played extremely well. Spencer Dinwiddie had his best game so far scoring 16 points and Andre Roberson added 15 points to help preserve the win for the Buffaloes. Overall, the Buffaloes played much better than they did against Air Force and the team is gradually improving. 

Things the Buffaloes did well: Andre Roberson was great above the rim all game long and had 15 rebounds, and 7 were offensive. The shot selection was improved and they ran their offense smoothly throughout the game, leading to an efficient night. Askia Booker provided a spark off the bench like he has been doing all year and tallied 14 points. He has an arsenal of dribble penetration moves that allow him to get the hoop easily even with his limited size. Most importantly, Colorado only had 7 turnovers in the whole game. If the Buffaloes can play a full game like the second half, they will win a lot of games this year. 

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: Throughout the game, Colorado continually struggled with pick and roll play. Roberson and Dufault would show on the pick and roll, but Roberson would be late getting back to his man and Dufault would body check the guard coming off the pick. Free throw shooting has plagued the Buffaloes every game this year and hurt them tonight as well. The Buffaloes shot 22-37 from the line, which is abysmal. This game would have been over much earlier if Colorado made their free throws down the stretch. It didn't end up hurting them tonight; but, in the future it will if it does not improve. 

Up Next: Colorado takes on Colorado State this Wednesday at 6:00 in Fort Collins. If the Buffaloes play like they did tonight, they should win. Tad Boyle made vast improvements since the Air Force game and expect this team to play better and better as the season goes on.