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Colorado Vs. Fort Lewis Post-Game Thread

Overall, the Buffs played a decent game and won 85-57. The starting five played very well and Austin Dufault led the way with 18 rebounds and 10 points. Carlon Brown played well and looks like a focal point of this offense. The defense looked very shaky at times, players were out of position at certain times and didn't always have one eye on their man and one eye on the ball. Hopefully Jeremy Adams comes back as soon as possible because Sabatino Chen will appear outmatched against stronger defenses. A little more analysis after the jump...

Things CU did well: The offense played very well and ran most of Boyle's sets like he wanted to. Carlon Brown had a strong game and can get to the hoop easily when he goes to the right. Askia Booker looks like a great scorer off the bench and Roberson played like his usual self, great presence on the boards and a highlight dunk. If Roberson can become a better shooter, he is going to be an elite player. Austin Dufault played a great game; but, I think he will struggle more with harder opposition. 

Things CU struggled with: The defense needs work; I'm not sure why Booker and Sharpe go so far out on defense. When they pick up at half court, they do apply pressure; but, they make it harder for their teammates to play great help defense. Dinwiddie looked careless at times and had some undisciplined fouls. Offensively, he was good and looks like he has a lot of potential. The rebounding was decent overall; but, there were too many loose boards. The team needs to box out much better if they want to win against Wichita State. 

Up Next: Colorado plays Wichita State in the Puerto Rico Tip Off next Thursday, the 17th, at 7:30. This will give fans a much better idea of how the Buffs will play this year. The defense needs to improve, but the game should be close. When Damiene Cain and Jeremy Adams come back this team will have much more depth, so look for the Buffs to get better as the season goes on.