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RR Radio S1E10 - It's Time For A Win, Breaking Down The Arizona Wildcats

I've been waiting for this week's show for a long time. Bob was unable to join me, but the guest for the evening was none other than my little bro, Chris Woods. He lives and dies Arizona athletics and did a great job filling us in on the coaching search, the team that will take the field against the Buffaloes tomorrow and whether or not he can survive this weekend in Boulder without getting arrested. After we walk through the football stuff we also spend some time talking Colorado and Arizona basketball, along with the Pac-12 as a whole. Great, great stuff. 

Season 1 Episode 10:

- A discussion on tomorrow's Colorado - Arizona game with Chris Woods

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After the jump, find out where Chris' allegiances really lie...

Chris wasn't afraid to rock the gold in Columbus since I was unable to.