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Statistical Comparison - Colorado Buffaloes Vs Arizona Wildcats
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank 12 114 94.4 Rushing Offense 94.67 112 10 9 47 245.60 Passing Offense 370.11 4 1 11 95 340 Total Offense 464.78 18 3 12 112 18.6 Scoring Offense 29.33 51 7 12 94 191.4 Rushing Defense 169.44 74 9 12 115 158.41 Pass Efficiency Defense 153.11 112 11 11 101 447.2 Total Defense 452.22 106 12 12 117 38.7 Scoring Defense 34.78 106 11 3 22 38.78 Net Punting 37.42 44 8 9 102 4.6 Punt Returns 4.54 103 10 11 108 18.77 Kickoff Returns 20.33 85 9 10 82 -.3 Turnover Margin -.56 96 11 9 97 255.8 Pass Defense 282.78 112 11 9 77 124.21 Passing Efficiency 146.8 27 5 6 41 2.2 Sacks .89 114 12 6 83 5 Tackles For Loss 4.56 100 8 11 108 2.9 Sacks Allowed 2 64 6

Well, this is it, Colorado's last opportunity for a home win in 2011. While losses to California and Washington State came down to the wire, this team is still in danger of becoming the first Buffs team ever to finish the year without a victory at Folsom. Arizona has undergone a very rough season of their own, firing head coach Mike Stoops after a disastrous loss at Oregon State. After a win over UCLA in the first game under interim head coach Tim Kish, the Wildcats have now dropped back to back games to Washington and Utah. Don't let Arizona's record fool you, this offense can hum, especially through the air (the nation's fourth best passing attack). Quarterback Nick Foles has the ability to pick apart the Colorado secondary piece by piece if he is allowed to stand in the pocket and make his reads. The Buffaloes pass rush is going to HAVE follow the example set last week by the Utes, don't let Foles get comfortable and pressure him from multiple locations. Luckily for CU, the Wildcats run game is as bad as their passing game is good. Greg Brown, who knows this offense very well after coaching under Mike Stoops, should be able to dedicate his preparation time this planning to slow the passing attack and rely on his the players up front to shut down any rushing attempts that the Wildcats may deploy. Remember, this offense is very similar to Texas Tech, where the short passing game is basically the running game, and the Buffaloes defense will have to tackle well at the first contact. What's that you say? There's a defense worse than Colorado's? You're damn right there is and Tyler Hansen and Rodney Stewart get to face them on Saturday. After a slate of defenses over the past few weeks that included USC, Stanford, Oregon and Ohio State with multiple injuries for CU on offense, Arizona should be much more willing to surrender plenty of yards. The question will be whether or not the Buffs can capitalize on those opportunities or if the red zone issues that played such a large part in the losses to Washington State and Cal will once again rear their heads. Colorado should have an advantage in the special teams game as well as the Wildcats have suffered here all season. But Will Oliver and field goal unit had better iron out the issues that they have had lately, as a field goal attempt could mean the difference between winning and losing.