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Colorado Buffaloes Basketball Season Roundtable: Part Four

Utah! Get me two!
Utah! Get me two!

Our friends over at Allbuffs have put together a season preview roundtable with some of the best Buffs basketball minds on the net. We'll be discussing the upcoming season all week long so go ahead and dive in.

Excitement in Boulder is high for this basketball season. And AllBuffs is here to help. We asked some of the more knowledgeable people supporting the program their thoughts on this season, and over the next five days leading up to tip-off of the 2011-12 season against Fort Lewis, we're going to give you their thoughts and tell you what to expect for the upcoming season. 

So now that you know everyone, here's the breakdown of what we'll be covering.
Monday, November 7th - The PAC-12
Tuesday, November 8th - CU in 2011-12 (Part 1)
Wednesday, November 9th - CU in 2011-12 (Part 2)
* Thursday, November 10th - CU in the Future (Part 1)
* Friday, November 11th - CU in the Future (Part 2)

First question after the jump...

What are your impressions of recruiting under Tad Boyle?

Tyler Ziskin - The Buffs have NEVER had a consensus Top 100 player in the "internet recruiting" era. Their 2012 class already boasts 2 in Xavier Johnson and local big man Josh Scott. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a third, Tyrone Wallace, will be choosing the Buffs over Cal in the near future. The 2011 class had Rivals150 guy Spencer Dinwiddie and fellow Rivals150 member Damiene Cain. Unfortunately, Cain has decided not to play basketball, but regardless, it's apparent that Tad Boyle, Tom Abatemarco, Mike Rohn, Rodney Billups, and Jean Prioleau know what they are doing on the recruiting trail.

RumblinBuff - Ummmm, improved. Dramatically.

When's the last time CU was in the discussion to grab 3 top-100 recruits? Not only is Coach Boyle going after some of the best the country has to offer, but he's landing them as well. The 2012 class, assuming it lands this week in the form of signed NLI's, will be the best top-to-bottom recruiting class in the history of CU basketball.

I'm giddy with anticipation.

Zach Bell - Even the biggest pessimist has to be giddy about what Tad has done. Not only is he locking up the star in-state player in Josh Scott and Wesley Gordon but he's flexing his muscle in Pac-12 country. He recently locked up Xavier Johnson out of California who could blossom into a star in Boyle's system. If he can land point guard Tyrone Wallace, another California kid, Tad could be looking at a Top 15 class nationally in his second try. That says it all right there. In Spencer Dinwiddie, Boyle has already locked up a member of the Buffs backcourt for the next four years so the future is looking extremely bright with Boyle at the helm.

Buffnik - Without question, this is the best recruiting we have ever seen for CU Men's Basketball. Beyond the high ratings on the prospects, these are guys who fit the system and the team culture. They're skilled, they're athletic, and they love basketball. When you observe the team it is genuinely a close-knit group and these guys will fit right in. Many of our recruits are actually drawn to CU because of the great group of guys and existing relationships with some of them.

Also, I want to add that while Boyle deserves a ton of credit we need to also spread the love to his staff. Tom Abatemarco needs a storage shed to fit his rolodex and he has a knack for identifying talent. Last year, he was able to find an unheralded Andre Roberson during the spring period. Back in the day, he found Spud Webb and lobbied to sign him at NC State when everyone was saying that he was too small to play in the ACC. He's an ace. We're also seeing great things from Mike Rohn, who got us Jeremy Adams and has been the lead recruiter for a number of the 2012 prospects. Finally, we have Jean Prioleau. Anyone who follows his tweets knows that he's organized, thorough, tireless and approachable. Rodney Billups (2005 DU grad) also gives us an Operations staff member for the program that young players can relate to. Together, we have one of the best recruiting staffs in the conference.

Head over to Allbuffs to read the rest of part four.