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Colorado Buffaloes Opponent Watch: Week 5

If you're only interested in our opponents the week we're slated to play them, then this piece isn't for you. This is a look at all 12 13 of our opponents in 2011 and how they did from week-to-week. Eventually, this will be a measure of our schedule strength, but since there's a pretty good chance we're not playing for a BCS bowl this season, it's just a friendly update about those teams that we'll be facing at some point. Also, with us playing Cal in '10 and this season, OSU is the only Pac-12 team we don't know anything about, so I figured we should follow them a bit so we know what to expect when we face them finally in 2013. And because they're important too.

Hawaii Warriors (3-2)

Sure it was only Louisiana Tech, but Hawaii got their first conference victory in resounding fashion. They held onto the ball for more than 36 minutes, racked up nearly 500 yards, were +3 in turnover differential and scored 44 points, enough to give them a comfortable lead even after giving up 368 yards. They get a week off before playing at San Jose State.

Follow the jump to find out what always used to frighten me as a child!

California Golden Bears (3-1)

They got a week off to stew over their loss to Washington. Next up? A game at Oregon. Lets see what they can do with an extra week to prepare.

Colorado St. Rams (3-2)

They spent their week off preparing for a home game against Boise State this week. It's one to watch, because CSU is currently tied with TCU for 1st place in the Mountain West. It's only because they've each only played one conference game, but honestly, CSU might be able to make a push in the conference this year.

Ohio St. Buckeyes (3-2)

After dismantling us, they were served a pretty disheartening loss by Michigan State. It was a mixture between their offense making every mistake possible and MSU's defense playing very well (they're ranked as one of the best in the Nation). Their defense wasn't bad, it just wasn't good enough to get the job done. They travel to Lincoln this weekend, where they may have some trouble. Unfortunately for us, they don't look all that good this year. But, they do get their suspended players back, which could stop some of the bleeding.

Washington St. Cougars (3-1)

Well, they came back against our Buffaloes and they're feeling pretty good about themselves. Not only that, but they get to play UCLA next, which should make them feel really good! Sure, it's a road game, but it's one of the easiest road games in the Pac-12 this year.

Stanford Cardinal (4-0)

They look very good and they're still my vote to win the conference. They beat UCLA pretty handily, and Andrew Luck even managed to snag a highlight-reel, one-handed catch. Their Offense looked very good both on the ground and through the air. Their defense is adjusting to losing star Linebacker Shane Skov to injury, but they still have a good amount of talent on that unit. They are going to be a VERY tough matchup for the Buffs. They like their chances at home.

Washington Huskies (4-1)

They might be the best team in the North not named Stanford or Oregon. They beat Utah, forcing 5 turnovers and knocking Jordan Wynn out of the game. Their offense is rolling and their defense keeps playing better and better. Chris Polk has already rushed for more than 600 yards and Price has thrown for 17 Touchdowns. They get a week off before we travel up to play them in Washington.

Oregon Ducks (3-1)

They were off this weekend, and that gave them plenty of time to get everything in order before facing Cal this weekend in a Thursday night game.

Arizona St. Sun Devils (4-1)

They didn't play particularly well, but they were able to beat Oregon State pretty easily. It's more an indictment of OSU. ASU has the potential to play very well in games this season, but they also can play pretty poorly. Osweiler threw 3 picks, but again, they faced a pretty easy opponent. Next up they face the Utes of Utah.

USC Trojans (4-1)

They get the week off, and they need it after their win over the Wildcats. Both Barkley (who set a USC record) put up 400+ yards and 4 TDs in a wild game. It was a win, but one without any defense (48-41). They have a lot to work on, passing game excluded.

Arizona Wildcats (1-4)

It was a tough loss to USC, but they get a chance to rebound this week against Oregon State. Foles threw for 425 yards and 4 TDs, but they have to be able to play defense. They are currently 112th in the nation in points against. Perhaps my prediction of beating one of the Arizona schools will be correct after all. Also, for a team led by a defensive guy, they sure have had troubles with it. Bob Stoops may not last the season.

UCLA Bruins (2-3)

They got beat by Stanford, as expected, and they're hoping that getting Washington State at home gives them a chance, but I don't think it will. They way they've been playing, they're going to have trouble winning any Pac-12 games (and I can say this, because we are looking the same way...).

The Utah Utes (2-2)

They were my pick to represent the Pac-12 South in the conference championship game, but I'm beginning to think I was very wrong. It doesn't help that Jordan Wynn was injured in the loss to Washington. They look like they're going to have a tough time this year. The only good thing about facing ASU this week, is that it's a home game for the Utes.

***the Oregon State Beavers*** (0-4)

Why, oh why can't we play the the Beavers this Season?!? That is all.