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2011 BlogPoll Week 6 Ballot - Michigan, Texas Rise While Virginia Tech and Texas A&M Plummet

Next Five:
26) Texas A&M
27) Michigan St.
28) North Carolina 
29) Virginia Tech
30) South Florida

See my Pac-12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Pac-12 Rankings:
1) Oregon
2) Stanford
3) Arizona State
4) Washington
5) California
6) USC
7) Washington State
8) Arizona
9) Utah
10) UCLA
11) Colorado
12) Oregon State

Check out my complete, conference by conference rankings here.

Notes On The Rankings:

- No changes in the top 8 because I already had Wisconsin at number 4 prior to this week. But after the top 8 things get a little crazy. 

- I feel like Michigan may be a little overrated at this point, but it's hard to argue with their undefeated record. The next five weeks could get very interesting, with the Wolverines going on the road to take on Northwestern, Michigan State, Iowa and Illinois. Four games in five weeks with a home contest against Purdue sandwiched in the middle. Ouch.

- Virginia Tech plummeted because they have underwhelmed almost every single week this season and they really haven't done a single thing to earn a ranking. Especially above the teams that are ahead of them.

- Losing Jordan Wynn could be a real killer for the Utes, it's turning out to be a very ugly year for the Pac-12 newcomers.

Who would you move up or down?