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Colorado Buffaloes Opponent Watch: Week 7

If you're only interested in our opponents the week we're slated to play them, then this piece isn't for you. This is a look at all 12 13 of our opponents in 2011 and how they did from week-to-week. Eventually, this will be a measure of our schedule strength, but since there's a pretty good chance we're not playing for a BCS bowl this season, it's just a friendly update about those teams that we'll be facing at some point. Also, with us playing Cal in '10 and this season, OSU is the only Pac-12 team we don't know anything about, so I figured we should follow them a bit so we know what to expect when we face them finally in 2013. And because they're important too.

Hawaii Warriors (3-3) - Lost to San Jose State 27-28

Six turnovers is way too many in a game, but try six per team. Hawai'i played like their kickoff was two hours later than it actually was. Even when the Spartans committed turnovers on five consecutive drives through the entire 3rd quarter, Hawai'i still couldn't hang onto their lead. Hawai'i sits atop amid the WAC at 4th, tied with New Mexico St. and La-la Tech. The Rainbow (pass) Warriors face the fearsome New Mexico State Aggies next.

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California Golden Bears (3-3) - Lost to USC 9-30

Let me tell you a little story... "Fumble punt fumble, punt punt INT; turnover on downs, interception, half."  That was Cal's first half, where each drive averaged 4.125 plays, 15.8 yards, and 0.00000 points.  The second half went about as well as the first, as though they got points, Tevecchio had another PAT blocked.  Cal hosts Utah in their bid to gain their first Pac-12 victory (hey! just like us!).

Colorado St. Rams (3-3) - Lost to Boise (not a) State 13-63

Boise gained 742 yards on offense on their way to their first MW conference win. The Rammies were stifled in every phase of the game save one: punting. Their punter got to punt 8 times for 388 yards...  which... you know... is cool.  Next, the Rams will visit the UTEP Miners in an I-25 showdown.

Ohio St. Buckeyes (4-3) - Beat Illinois 17-7

Ohio State played some good ole Big-Ten stifle-ball and rode their 14 first downs and 17 passing yards to victory. Wait that's not right. No, the Buckeye's 211 rushing yards dragged them kicking and screaming into their first B1G conference win against a coach who rarely (ever?) knows what the score is.   Next up is the pride of the B1G, Whisky-consin.

Washington St. Cougars (3-3) - Lost to Stanford 14-44

It's not that Washington State played badly, more that they couldn't rush and they couldn't pass. Take note that the  Cougar's injured starting QB Jeff Tuel was back for the game, and that only 17 points had been scored by halftime.  Wazzu hosts the Plucky Bucky Beavers of Oregon State.

Stanford Cardinal (6-0) - Beat WSU 44-14

It's almost like they have to do it the hard way. 4 quarters for a football game? "Nah, we'll just do it in two."  Starting on the 30 (what passed as a short field in the game) at the end of the half? "Meh, I'd rather drive 91 yards instead."  And they did. Stanford's offense was in low gear until after halftime, when they took touchdown on drives of 85, 62, 58, and 91 yards. The Cardinal host Washington in a game to decide who's not Oregon.

Washington Huskies (5-1) - Beat Colorado 48-7

The Huskies can all go die inna fire. Seeing as they play Stanford this week, that may just happen.

Oregon Ducks (5-1) - Beat ASU 41-27

So get this; Oregon's starting running back LaMichael James was injured last week, right? Well this game Darron Thomas, their QB was injured, too. That'll slow 'em down, right guys?   ...guys?  No. Instead Oregon showed the depth of their duck pond and won it on the ground with backups Kenjon Barber and Bryan Bennett. Thomas may return for Oregon's visit to Boulder, but it will be difficult for our Buffs to clamp down on these tasty, tasty ducklings.

Arizona St. Sun Devils (5-2) - Lost to Oregon 27-41

In what may prove to have been a preview of the Pac-12 championship game, Arizona State played better against Oregon than any other team not secretly employing giant demons on their O-Line (LSU).  The Sun Devils led in passing stats (291 yds and 6.3 yd avg), but their two turnovers were three too many versus the Ducks.  Next the Sun Devils play Colorado (wait! we have to play against two teams at once!?!)... after having a week off to... um... "prepare."

USC Trojans (5-1) - Beat Cal 30-9

After this, I challenge anyone who says that USC is still having trouble with Monte Kiffin's 'Tampa Cover-2' defense.  Matt Barkley had season-low passing numbers (195 yards) but part of that was the short fields their defense gave them, and part of that was a lot of incomplete passes.  The Trojans lost WR Marquise Lee during the game, so we'll have to keep an eye on that as their visit to Boulder approaches. Les Troyens will travel to Notre Dame for the first night game in South Bend since Eric Bienemy was drunkenly peeing in public in Boulder. No, the time before that. No, before that. Look, it was 1991. 

Arizona Wildcats (1-5) - Lost to themselves (BYE week)

Arizona hosts UCLA in an attempt to get another Pac-12 coach fired.

UCLA Bruins (3-3) - Lost to Neuheisal (BYE week)

UCLA travels to Arizona to see if the Wildcats are still feeling charitable and giving out wins.

The Utah Utes (3-3) - Beat Pittsburgh 26-14

Why did Utah win this game? The ESPN recap says it best:

The Panthers managed just 120 total yards, turned it over three times and a reconfigured offensive line allowed quarterbacks Trey Anderson and Tino Sunseri to get sacked six times.

That, and a bunch of field goals. Utah travels to Cal to see if Zach Maynard is still giving away interceptions for free.

***The Oregon State Beavers*** (1-5) - Lost to BYU 28-38

The Beavers fought back from a 14 point deficit only to commit four turnovers and miss both of their field goal attempts. Oregon St. gave up 242 yards of rushing to seventeen (4) different BYU rushers. Say what you want about the man-children-mormons, but they sure know how take people smaller than them and push them around.  Oregon State will travel to Washington State, thankful that these Cougars don't have a heavy rushing attack.