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New Ralphie Report T-Shirts Now Available, Stupendous

I am very, very happy to announce that our new Ralphie Report t-shirts are now available and ready to order. When we lasted solicited designs/ideas we got one very cool sketch from a reader that you now see on the shirt. It's simple, clean and unique and I love it. Because it's so simple, some of you may not like it, but this shows how easily we can now create new shirts. If you have an idea, design or phrase that you think would make a solid Ralphie Report shirt send it over and, if we like it, we can have it available to purchase in under an hour. Even if we don't like it you can customize and order it for yourself.

The new shirts are available in gold, black, white and gray (I didn't know we were going back to white for bball). I waited to receive mine (took exactly a week from the day I ordered) to post about it so that I could make sure I liked the quality/fit of the shirt and I'm impressed. Good fit, not to thick or thin. Let us know if you like it (or if you don't, but be nice since it's reader submitted). 

To order, or look at them in more detail click on the widget on the right side bar, or click here. Winners of the weekly and season long pick em contest will win gift certificates that can be put towards the shirts.

Special thank to Denny for the drawing, he'll be getting a free one for sending in the design.


Pictures of me in an actual shirt looking like a moron after the jump.

(I was making an awesome face in these pictures but the wife said it was "gross" and wouldn't include it)