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Weekly TRR Discussion - What Should We Expect Against Washington?

Welcome to our weekly discussion amongst The Ralphie Report's staff. Same format as last week, so dig right in.

Feel free to throw your answers to the same questions into the comments below.

Buffs Questions:

1) Can you find a positive in Saturday's game against Stanford?

Bob: Its tough for sure. I don't think their is too many positives especially when you have under 300 yards of total offense and give up 48 points. No positives in my mind.

Ash: How 'bout the trick kickoff to open the game? One good take-away from Saturday; is that swim-up bars are awesome.

David: Younger guys finally saw some action. Alex Lewis was in on a bunch of plays at Tight End, and he looks like he could be a pretty good Left Tackle. Paulay Asiata got some action and others. Getting those new and more talented kids on the field is important.

Jon: Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it so it's hard for me to say, but I am glad that Tony Jones got his first touchdown. The addition of a second back (and a starting back for next season) is an important development and gives us hope that the running game can continue to improve.

2) What are your feelings on the additions of FCS teams to the Buffaloes schedule for the next two years?

Bob: I think it is a great move for a program that is in rebuild mode. Get another home game, get a win and get momentum early in the season.

Ash: To me it's like grade inflation: all the other schools are doing it too, and if we're the only ones choosing to not engage in that practice, it ultimately hurts us. The average Joe isn't going to look beyond the bottom line number, and as a result we'll be artificially de-flated compared to our artificially inflatedcompetiton. Which is bad for every facet of the team, recruiting, support, media coverage, etc.

I also think it's necessary to prevent the team from being beat-up. Part of rebuilding is depth, and it does us no good to have players injured in non-com games (my thinking is that it's less likely to happen vs. Stephen F Austin than Ohio State). I like that Colorado always had the 'anyone anytime anywhere' mantra, but we're not that caliber of team right now. Put a scrimmage game on the schedule now so that we can get back there faster. 

Personally though? I don't think any I-A school should be allowed to play against a I-AA school and have it count. But until I'm commissioner of the NCAA, I have no problem with CU doing what most any other school in the nation does.

David: As long as we're not playing one every year, I'm fine with it. I do have questions about 2013 when we don't play a single BCS Conference team in our non-Con schedule, but otherwise, I think it will be good to have games like these for the next two years. Just not beyond that

Jon: Like I said in the post this week, I'm fine with it for the next two seasons. After that, no more.

3) What are your expectations for the game in Washington? How will it play out?

Bob: It is hard to have any expectations when the Buffs play on the road especially with your top player out of the lineup and multiple suspensions/injuries on defense. Teams are going to stack the line of scrimmage and try to dominate up front which Colorado has shown no ability to loosen up the defense with Paul Richardson out. I think we can expect much of the same this weekend as we saw at Stanford.

Ash: I expect both teams to pass well, and for us to finally run consistently. I'm hopeful that we can shut them down enough and understand field position (heels on the 10, dammit!) to eke out a win.

David: I want people to start stepping up. I want to see more players putting forth phenomenal individual efforts, showing us that there tired of losing. If guys start taking a personal responsibility for our success, then I'll be happy.

Jon: For some reason I have this strange feeling that we're going to make this a game. Then I look at the weapons they have on offense, both on the ground and through the air and I just don't see how that's possible.

CFB Questions:

1) Do you think Arizona State has a chance in Eugene this weekend?

Bob: Sure. When you have a quarterback playing at a high level, that will always keep a team close. With LaMichael James expected to be out, you never know. Problem is ASU plays on the road in Eugene, a tough place to get a win. But it will be a great barometer for ASU as we try to compare them to Oregon and Stanford in the Pac-12.

Ash: Yes; it seems like Arizona St plays well in spite of the QB pressure that Oregon should bring. My guess is that ASU will hang with them for a half, and then we'll see a replay of the Oregon/Cal game where UO pulls away in the 3rd.

David: Yes. It will be a shootout, and Oregon has a pretty solid homefield advantage, but I think they've got a shot. It's just on that Defense and Vontaze Burfict to disrupt UO's Offense. Also, LaMichael James missing the game will have an impact.

Jon: Outside of a 2 or 3 turnover differential for the Sun Devils I don't see them pulling off the upset on the road. Stranger things have happened though.

2) What player has been most important to their team so far this year? I.e., if they had been lost the team's performance would have suffered the most.

Bob: A guy like Baylor QB Robert Griffin comes to mind.

Ash: Andrew Luck. Without Mr. Hipster Beard I think Stanford would not be in the top-10

David: Probably the QB at Clemson, which I think we'll see if he's out this weekend after being injured last week.

Jon: As much as I want to say Russell Wilson, I'm going to go with Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown. He has been a revelation in the middle of a defense that has propelled Kansas State to an undefeated record and #17 ranking.

3) Give me the final scores:

- Oklahoma State @ Texas
- Arizona State @ Oregon 
- Michigan @ Michigan State 
- Baylor @ Texas A&M
- Florida @ Auburn

- Oklahoma State @ Texas 44-20
- Arizona State @ Oregon 31-41
- Michigan @ Michigan State 27-24
- Baylor @ Texas A&M 30-40
- Florida @ Auburn 20-21

- Oklahoma State 54 @ Texas 28
- Arizona State 31 @ Oregon 49
- Michigan 14 @ Michigan State 17
- Baylor 35 @ Texas A&M 38
- Florida 3 @ Auburn 5

- OSU 37 @ UT 19
- ASU 33 @ UO 36
- M 21 @ MSU 27
- B 37 @ aTm 27
- UF 17 @ Auburn 20

- Oklahoma State @ Texas 31-20
- Arizona State @ Oregon 27-42
- Michigan @ Michigan State 27-31
- Baylor @ Texas A&M 31-35
- Florida @ Auburn 17 -14

Awesome Question:

1) What's your favorite book? Doesn't have to be the best book, just your favorite.

Bob: Who has time to read books?

Ash: I don't return and re-read books very often; my free-reading time is usually too precious. Which means that my de facto favorite book is probably The Three Musketeers, which I've read about three times. It's not the best serial adventure story by far (Sherlock Holmes, Tale of Two Cities). My favorite booksright now though are 'Death by Black Hole & Other Cosmic Quandries,' an awesome collection of plain-speak astrophysics essays, and 'The Name of the Wind,' an awesome fantasy/coming-of-age mish-mash.

David: Tie between Jurassic Park and it's sequel, The Lost World. Seriously, if you haven't read either of them. Go do so right the heck now.

Jon: I do like Pillars of the Earth a lot, but my new favorite has to be Don't Stop The Carnival. Awesome, awesome, book that you should definitely read next time you're on an island vacation.