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2011 BlogPoll Week 7 Ballot - Oklahoma, LSU Win Big; Texas Slides

Next Five:
26) Penn State
27) Notre Dame
28) Houston
29) South Florida
30) North Carolina

See my Pac-12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Pac-12 Rankings:
1) Oregon
2) Stanford
3) Arizona State
4) Washington
5) USC
6) California
8) Washington State
9) Utah
10) Oregon State
11) Colorado
12) Arizona

Check out my complete, conference by conference rankings here.

Notes On The Rankings:

- Another week where the top end of the ballot stays exactly the same. I debated moving Oklahoma back up after the very impressive performance from Brent Venables defense, but neither LSU or Alabma had a performance to warrant it. Speaking of the top of the poll not changing, has anyone else thought the last week or two (and the upcoming weekend's) slate of games have been pretty thin?

- I'm interested to see Michigan play someone with a pulse. The compition has improved a bit, but we still don't know if this team has truly turned the corner and is ready to challenge for the B1G title.

- How on earth are we supposed to rank the Pac-12 right now? I don't believe in UCLA at all, but they did just beat Washington State, a better win than any of the teams below them have (outside of maybe BYU for Utah). I'm also holding out hope that this Colorado team should be ranked higher than Oregon State, but we still haven't gotten over the hump in conference and Arizona is better than CSU (even though the Rams were at Mile High). It's basically a fruitless exercise at this point, but how would you all rank the conference?

Who would you move up or down?