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The Ralphie Report 2010 BlogPoll Week Two Ballot

Next Five:
26) Arkansas
27) BYU 
28) Pitt
29) Notre Dame
30) Houston

See my Big 12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Big 12 Rankings:
1) Nebraska
2) Texas
3) Oklahoma
4) Missouri
5) Texas A&M
6) Oklahoma State 
7) Colorado
8) Texas Tech
9) Kansas State
10) Baylor
11) Iowa State 
12) Kansas

Notes On The Rankings:

- My preseason poll was based on where I thought the teams would be ranked at the end of the season. Now that we actually have some games to review, the poll will be mostly based on the actual play on the field. It's only been one week and I made some small allowances for an especially bad or good game that I felt was outside what will be the norm. In fact, there will be a lot of movement for the next 3-4 weeks while I get a better idea of what to expect.

- Oregon looked very good. Yes, they played what could be the worst FBS team, but it was still a FBS team and it was without their best player.

- It was tough to figure out where to put Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. All three of them looked pretty rusty, but all three of them are going to be much better than they showed in week one. The question will be how much better. Oklahoma and Texas are both better than Nebraska, but I put the Huskers on top because they didn't struggle.

- To all of those who doubted me on Arizona. Pfffft. Told you. That was a ridiculous domination of Toledo in the Glass Bowl. The Wildcats will take down Iowa next weekend, then everyone else will be on the bandwagon.

- I'm sorry, but that Les Miles coached LSU team does not deserve to be ranked, even though they won. What an epic flop.

- The winner of this weeks Notre Dame - Michigan game will be ranked next week. Somehow I feel like that this is another unsustainable start for both of them though. 7-8 wins is the best that either one of these schools this year. Shoelace was very impressive though.

- In my Big 12 rankings there were three big movers. Oklahoma State flat out impressed. I felt better about Weeden than some, and I know that Wazzou is epically bad, but that was a fantastic performance and I think they have enough talent on offense to keep opposing defenses from loading the box to stop Hunter. Like I mentioned in David's opponents watch, Texas Tech did not impress. SMU played pretty poorly and was somehow still in the game at the end. I was watching the game with three ponies and all we could talk about the entire game was "how the heck are we still in this"? Baylor looked fine, but fell because others in front of them just had more impressive wins.

Discuss away!