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Friday Buff Bites - Are YOU Ready for GAMEDAY?

Colorado has one of the best season openers in College Football, and it's almost here!  How do you get ready for gameday?  For myself, while I was in the Band we'd take the whole Trumpet section (~40 ppl) down to Casa Bonita and challenge eachother to eating contests.  There's only one day left, are YOU ready for GAMEDAY?!?

Colorado_mediumIt's all about the Lambs today.  We know they return starters on defense, but apparently they have 27 people prepared to play D-Line against us...  Rams aide says he'll play many D-linemen vs. CU - The Denver Post

Colorado State goes into the season with some unprecedented depth on the defensive line. After Wednesday's last major contact practice before Saturday's Rocky Mountain Showdown with Colorado, defensive line coach Scott Brown is counting on a four-man interior rotation (with possibly two more) and a five-man crew at defensive end.

Colorado_mediumESPN's Big12 Blogger predicted that we'll beat the rammies 21-10, and according to The Coloradoan, that's apparently how CSU likes it

It wouldn't even matter if the Rams won 10 or even 20 in a row over their in-state rival, Colorado State University linebacker Ricky Brewer said Tuesday. CSU always will be seen as the underdog in this series by fans across the state and nation. ...CSU's players don't mind. In fact, they actually like it that way.

...Instead of under-dog, wouldn't the proper term be "under-sheep?"

Colorado_mediumBuffs get loud to be proud again - The Denver Post - The passion is back, and it's in the form of leaders, both in pads and on the sidelines.

"We realized that something's going to have to change," Brown said. "That's something the captains, the leaders on the team, decided we were going to do. It had to start in practice. It wasn't waiting until the next year in fall camp to get ready and then turn it on in the games."

Colorado_mediumCSU’s ‘party’ at Folsom Field still sticks in Herrod’s craw - The Denver Post -

Marquez Herrod was asked about Colorado State fans and players celebrating at Folsom Field following the Rams’ 23-17 victory a year ago. There were reports of stomping on the CU logo at midfield.

"Herrod says he thinks about that scene "every single day."  "I have a picture above my bed of that," he said. "I think of it every single day. It was disrespectful. It bothers me very, very much...

"It wouldn’t matter if it was in a backyard. I just want to play those guys," Herrod said.

Colorado_mediumCU's Hansen doles out advice - Buffzone

His counterpart, CSU quarterback Pete Thomas, will be making his first start in his very first college game. Hansen offered Thomas the following advice. "Enjoy it. I mean there is only one first college football game of your life," Hansen said. "You're only going to have one first one. I'd say whatever happens win or lose, enjoy it. Smile and have fun."

If this CSU scrimmage report has any bearing, then Thomas will be enjoying getting sacked, picked off, and crushed all day tomorrow.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Kiesau Primed For His 'Sophomore' Season -

Prince, also CU's passing game coordinator, didn't land in Boulder and call for an immediate overhaul. Rather, it was noticing a need for refinement and accountability, getting a trust built between quarterbacks and receivers.

"We just had to make sure that everyone was accountable for what their job was and not to just adjust because something went wrong the last time they ran it," Prince said. "The quarterback has to trust that if the receiver is supposed to five yards he's not going eight. And the receiver has to trust if he's going five (yards), the quarterback is going to pull the trigger on the right footwork.

The Big-12 Exit, Phil DiStefano's Christmas wish-list (it's a bowl game) and Buffzone's win threshold, after the jump.

Colorado_mediumWoelk: Measuring success more than just wins, losses - Buffzone - Woelk checks Hawkins' W/L record against McCartney's after 5 years.  They nearly match up, and both had surprising wins and bad losses by this point, as well.

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs officials, Big 12 still discussing exit fees - Buffzone

DiStefano said Colorado`s position mirrors Nebraska`s stand that the Big 12 hasn`t been harmed by the two schools leaving, and the schools don`t owe the conference any damages.

"I don`t believe there are damages either because it`s my understanding that there has not been a change in the television contracts with ABC or ESPN and the money that they are getting from TV is going to be divided 10 ways instead of 12," DiStefano said.

Colorado_medium CU Buffs WR Jefferson OK being off radar - Buffzone 

"He wants to be perfect," first-year wide receivers coach Robert Prince said. "He`s one of those guys who not only does he know his assignment, but he is trying to work on learning the whole offense and knowing what the other guys are doing." 

Colorado_mediumDiStefano sets bar for Buffs, Hawkins - Buffzone

Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins and athletic director Mike Bohn have resisted throughout the offseason establishing any rock solid criteria -- such as a win total -- for what will qualify as a successful season this fall.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano has no such reservations. "I think we have to look at the whole season and see what happens with each game," DiStefano said. "But my goal, of course, is to see us go to a good bowl game."

Hawkins fed that optimism Thursday when he addressed the crowd and began his 5 minutes on the podium by saying "OK, I'm going to tell you a little secret. Get your tickets. You're going to like this team."

Hawkins said the Buffs have been counting down the days and hours to the start of this season almost since last season ended, even using a countdown clock in the locker room.

He said the 2010 Buffs will be a bigger, faster, stronger team than they have been at any previous point in his tenure. He thanked Buffs fans for their support and closed by saying, "I think you're going to see the fruits of your support come true here. I really do believe that."


PS: How do you get ready for gameday?