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Tuesday CU Buff Bites - Colorado-Georgia: The 3-4 is Coming to Town

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Buffs Can Test Their Legs Saturday - For Real - 

CU ran well, maybe even wild, against Hawai`i. But here's something worth noting: The strength of Georgia's defense is stopping the run. And at last check, SEC defenses carried a bit more overall cred than most of those in the WAC.

A word of advice: Stay grounded, guys.

Colorado_mediumThe 3-4 defense is trendy again, but TMQ says these fads run in cycles - ESPN - Yeah it's about pro-ball, but College football hasn't been immune to the return to the 3-4

Bartender, 3-4 defenses for everyone!

...More important, I am suspicious because football tactics run in cycles of fads. The spread, the spread option, the no-huddle, the run 'n' shoot -- all seemed unstoppable for a while. The Tampa 2 seemed unstoppable. Right now, the zone-read option seems unstoppable. Such things run in fad cycles.

Colorado_mediumClemons fires up fellow Buffs - Buffzone

When Toney Clemons was completing a successful prep career back in New Kensington, Pa., at Valley High School becoming one of the top 12 receivers in the nation in 2006, the thought of not seeing the end zone again for nearly four years would have been laughable. It was fitting that Clemons came up with the biggest play of the day for the Buffs. In fact, it ranks as the biggest offensive play -- or the longest at least, 73 yards -- of the Dan Hawkins` era at CU.

Colorado_mediumJonathan Hawkins ready to take on jinxed starting role - CU At the Game

"It’s a little nerve racking," said junior defensive back Jonathan Hawkins of taking on the starting role at nickel back, a position which has felled three starters in as many games this season, "but I just got to know what I have to do as far as keeping myself healthy – extra stretching, extra running. Just always be prepared, playing hard. I feel like playing hard will keep (a player) from being injured a lot of times." Hawkins knows of what he speaks, having endured several injuries in his career already. Hawkins is one of the few players left on the team who was recruited by Gary Barnett. After suffering an ACL injury in his senior year of high school, Hawkins gray-shirted in 2006. "I’ve been battling with knee injuries on and off, trying to stay healthy," said Hawkins. Primarily a basketball player in high school, Hawkins spent most of his first few seasons in Boulder learning the defense. "Freshman year and sophomore year, I was doing a lot of thinking, playing timid."

Colorado_mediumCU Set To Honor 1990 National Championship Team This Weekend -

CU will welcome back players and coaches from the 1990 National Championship football team at several events this weekend beginning Thursday, Sept. 30 and culminating at the football game against Georgia on Saturday.

Colorado_mediumRingo: Red River not a crystal ball for Big 12 champ - Buffzone

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was right Monday when he said too much is made of the annual Red River Rivalry game with Texas, at least when it comes to predicting the eventual conference champion.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Buffs Better Be Wary Of Desperate Dawgs -

This season is foreign territory for affable, successful Mark Richt, who is 91-30 in his 10th season directing the Georgia Bulldogs. But this season, after three straight losses, the Dawgs find themselves foraging for any scraps of success. "We're definitely in a position that I've never been in as a player or a coach . . . it's certainly not a good place to be, but we are where we are," Richt said Saturday night.

Colorado_mediumGoing Green - CU At the Game - Stuard Whitehair has an amusing plan for CU football - 'go green'

"One thing first and foremost on our plate is, ‘How are we going to improve our competitiveness across the board?’ ", said Colorado athetic director Mike Bohn. "(The Pac-10) is a great conference, and not just in football … It’s a big challenge and a great opportunity for us. We need to go in there and be competitive right away." Leaving aside for the moment that Colorado only competes in the NCAA minimum for varsity sports, and does not even field a team in such Pac-10 mainstays like men’s baseball, women’s softball, gymnastics, and swimming, Colorado is already well behind the curve in the big three collegiate sports - football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball – heading west to compte in 2011. The Buffs will be breaking in new head coaches on the hardcourt this fall, and the four straight losing seasons for the football team hang like a dark cloud over the Dal Ward Center...

...but against teams wearing green, the Buffs winning percentage is much more acceptable...

I don't know if A.J. Green fits into his plan, but we'll find out soon enough!

Go Buffs