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2010 BlogPoll Week Five Ballot - Texas Tumbles, Auburn Rises

Next Five:
26) Nevada 
27) Air Force 
28) San Diego State
29) Penn State
30) Oklahoma State

See my Big 12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Big 12 Rankings:
1) Nebraska
2) Oklahoma 
3) Texas
4) Oklahoma State
5) Missouri
6) Kansas State
7) Texas Tech 
8) Texas A&M
9) Colorado
10) Baylor
11) Kansas
12) Iowa State

Notes On The Rankings:

- The delta's are missing this week since my ballot didn't submit correctly last week. No matter though, there was a lot of movement this week since we have a much better idea of these teams after 3-4 games.

- Stanford made a huge jump, as they have a better resume then most of the other teams in the country. That win over UCLA looks much better now and the Cardinal showed that they can win a hard hitting road game against Notre Dame. Meanwhile, Oregon looked less dominant against a decent Arizona State. They are three and four right now, but that will obviously shake out this weekend when Stanford heads to Eugene.

- Auburn won a hard fought home game, Florida finally looked impressive and Oklahoma struggled, but was able to win a close road game. I wasn't sure yet how to rank those three, but with Texas and Alabama on the docket this weekend we should have a better idea next week.

- Utah continues to quietly win games and the Utes got quarterback Jordan Wynn back this past weekend. The Mountain West is a much better conference this year (Air Force, San Diego State, even CSU finally got a win), and outside of the pathetic New Mexico team, there shouldn't be that win gimmie games this year. I love how much BYU is struggling but they still aren't an easy out.

- Florida State has looked strong every week except for the Oklahoma game. Granted Wake and BYU are down this year, but the Seminole defense has looked night and day better than they did in Norman.

- San Diego State is the real deal this year. I love Brady Hoke and I didn't think it would take him very long to get them turned around, but even I didn't think it would come this fast. The Aztecs are a fluke play from being 4-0 right now and they have a trio of skill players (Ryan Lindley, Ronnie Hillman, Vincent Brown) that can match up with anyone in the country.

- Penn State dropped in a big way after a close win over Temple. The drop can't even really be attributed to just their performance against the Owls. I looked at their overall body of work this year and didn't really see anything that warranted including them in the top 25 (and I'm a big fan). I feel strongly enough about it that I have already taken Iowa this weekend.

- My Big 12 rankings changed a bit based on the performances of teams that the conference has played. I give Missouri a lot more credit for the close win against SDSU (see above) than I originally did and the value of Tech's performance against Texas has dropped significantly. Oklahoma State and Texas A&M will finally give us a much better idea of their talent this Thursday night (what a great week night game). We'll know a lot more about the Buffs on Sunday as well. They are either firmly in the middle of the pack with a win or close loss (I don't care if Georgia is 1-3, with AJ Green back they are still a very dangerous team) or one of the worst two or three in the conference with another poorly executed, non-competitive loss.  

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