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Friday CU Buff Bites - Colorado Watching Georgia Closely

Though you don't have to watch them too closely to see that their O-Line is suspect, and their quarterback play is sometimes sub-par at best.

Colorado_mediumBuffs Back to Basics - The Longmont Times-Call

"That’s what coach Hawkins is stressing right now," quarterback Tyler Hansen said. "He’s stressing the little things, the technique stuff and he’s really trying to get the redshirt guys and the third-stringers a lot more reps this week."

Solder said the offensive line has spent a lot of time this week working on fundamentals. "(The other linemen) have had a lot more individual time and we’ve just gone back through our basic stuff, which you always need," he said. "That’s essential for every part of the game."

Asked how much of the Georgia game plan he’ll implement this week, Hawkins said, "A lot. We’ll get it all in there." Next week will mark Georgia’s first trip to Boulder.

The teams have met only once, in Athens, Ga., on Sept. 23, 2006. Georgia scored late to escape with a 14-13 win. In its history, Georgia has played just three games in current Big 12 towns — Stillwater, Okla.; Austin, Texas; and College Station, Texas. The Bulldogs are 0-3 in those games.

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Georgia - Blutarsky -  Get The Picture

I don’t want to get too snide about offensive genius, though, not after Jody did some counting during the Arkansas game and came up with this cringe-inducing stat: "What’s up with our play-action? If we’re under center, we’re going to be running play action. Saturday we had 24 pass plays called under center. Of those, 21 were play action and the other three were 3-step drops. In shotgun though, of our 14 attempted passing plays, only 1 used play-action." Good grief, no wonder Murray was getting smacked around. I’m guessing that Manny Diaz has somebody on staff who can count, too.

Colorado_mediumLeaders of the Pac " CU At the Game - A CU Football blog by Stuart Whitehair

The zipper plan is much cleaner from a scheduling standpoint. Each team is playing their opponents in a home-and-home series every two years (or every four years with the non-division non-rivals), while with the "pod" plan, the schedules pits your team against three teams out of four in the opposing pods each year. It would actually take eight seasons of play for Colorado (and every other team) to play each other an even number of times in each venue (three home, three away, two season not playing one another).

Clear as mud? About all we know for certain right now is that Colorado will likely play its first game as a member of the Pac-12, at home, next September against California. The game, scheduled for September 10th, was already on the calendar as a non-conference game.

As for the rest … Well, it won’t be long now. By this time next month, Pac-12 fans should not only know what division their team will be in, but their schedules for 2011. I, for one, can’t wait!

The Blackskirts are back!  After the jump

Alabama, Michigan will probably play at Cowboys Stadium in 2012 - ESPN Dallas
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, hosted four college football games in its first season -- including the Big 12 championship game. This year, TCU defeated Oregon State, 30-21, on Sept. 4, and Texas A&M and Arkansas will face off at the stadium Oct. 9.

THE CURIOUS INDEX, 9/24/2010 - Every Day Should Be Saturday - EDSBS's Link round-up, and their version of the Michigan/Alabama game news:

News, analysis and opinion from the fan perspective: BECAUSE MICHIGAN FOOTBALL STANDS FOR SOMETHING MORE PURE, MORE ABSTRACT, SOMETHING LESS WEDDED TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR--WAIT IS THAT JERRY JONES WAGGLING HIS CASH-PEEN AT US OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Hey, look, Michigan and Alabama will be playing at the JerryDome--for poetry and beauty only, mind you.

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Nebraska - Bo Pelini gives Blackshirts to Nebraska Cornhuskers defense - ESPN - The Blackskirts are Back!

Coach Bo Pelini said he handed out 12 black practice jerseys Thursday to recognize the key players on his defense. The black jerseys are a Nebraska tradition that has come to symbolize defensive excellence.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Buffs' Obi Has Georgia On His Mind - Again - - Conrad Obi almost went to Georgia, and wants to win against his old friends there

"We're trying to win every game, of course, but this one is real special," he said. "I've been waiting a real long time for this - at least three or four years, since I've known about it. It's so special even watching the film; I'm pumped up, ready to go."

 Go Buffs