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Wednesday CU Buff Bites - Buffs Headed to Pac-12 in 2011 - And You Were Worried

6.8 - Not 11, not 16, and definitely not 21, but 6.8.  That's the penalty we're being assessed to leave the Big-12.  Barring 'The Revenge of the Baylor Lobbyists,' we're headed to the Pac-12 beginning next academic year, and with 2.4 million less witheld from our Big-12 checks as Nebraska.  Go Buffs.

Colorado_mediumWoelk: CU early exit good work by Buff officials - Buffzone

To no one`s surprise and almost everyone`s relief, the divorce was finalized Tuesday afternoon. While it may not have been an amicable parting, neither was Colorado`s separation from the Big 12 particularly acrimonious...

Thankfully, there were no child custody arguments. The Big 12 gets to keep homes in Ames, Stillwater, Waco and Lubbock; Colorado gets the vacation spots in Tempe, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

...they`ll pay about 36 percent of two years` worth of conference revenue, a significantly lower portion than some of the rather ludicrous reports that were being circulated even as late as Tuesday morning.

Give Colorado chancellor Phil DiStefano a well-deserved pat on the back for this one, and a healthy assist to athletic director Mike Bohn. DiStefano quietly but emphatically argued Colorado`s case with the Big 12, and came away with a settlement better than manyexpected.

Colorado_mediumStatement From Pac-10 Commissioner Regarding CU Joining the Pac-10 - PAC 10

"We are very excited that Colorado will be joining the Conference in 2011.. Our plans all along were for them to join the Conference in 2012, so this puts the Pac-12 ahead of schedule, which is great news. With Colorado and Utah coming on board next year we are tremendously excited about the future of the Conference."

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs moving on 3rd down - Buffzone

Hansen & Co. second in Big 12 on key conversions - The Buffs rank second in the Big 12 Conference and 17th nationally in third-down conversions, just behind Nebraska. The Buffs are converting 51 percent of the time. CU converted on third downs 36 percent of the time in 2009.

"Isn't that the best stat ever?" quarterback Tyler Hansen said when asked about the improvement. Hansen described last season's team as "horrible" on third downs and said coaches and players put a lot of emphasis on that part of the game in the offseason.

Hansen said he announces the down and distance in the huddle on third downs so that everyone in the game understands the situation and the importance of the play. It's something coaches began having him do in practices in the spring.

He said doing so gets him thinking about how he can make the first down before the snap. If it is third-and-2, he might remind himself he can probably run for the first down if his receivers aren't open.

"I think what's real important is we're getting in third-and-manageable," Kiesau said. "That's probably the undisclosed factor here. Before, we were always in third-and-eight or nine-plus. We're doing a lot better job of being in third-and-three or third-and-six."


Brooks: 'T-Clem' Makes His Point(s) In Buffs' Comeback -

"I really was starting to doubt myself as a player . . . I thought I might never score a touchdown..."

"It hadn't sunk in yet," he said. "I watched the tape and truly thought it wasn't me out there. I had trouble believing what I was watching. But now I really feel like a personal weight was lifted. I always keep telling myself that every time I get an opportunity I've got to maximize it. This is a big, big weight off of my back."

"Saturday, we showed what we can be, we played to what we and others expect we should be. We've advertised ourselves as having lot of talent, now we have to play as advertised."

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs declare 'blackout' for Oct. 2 game against Georgia Bulldogs in Boulder - Boulder Daily Camera

Fans are encouraged to wear black to the Georgia game, which begins at 5 p.m. Oct. 2. It is only the second time in history Colorado has played host to a member of the powerful Southeastern Conference.

CU's soccer players win national accolades, plus quotes from Big12 Coaches, after the jump.

Colorado_mediumDepth helping Colorado tailback spot | The Denver Post — All Things Colorado Sports

"We’ve always said you need about three guys to get yourself through the season and you don’t want to wear on one guy," Hawkins said.

Hawkins said he didn’t use a Knute Rockne speech at halftime when trailing 10-0. "It was pretty intense," he said. "But again, we kind of overromanticize those things. It was intense but we’re trying to get some corrections and things laid down for the second half. You can’t just come in there and yell and scream. There’s got to be some constructive answers in there as well."

Colorado_mediumVideo: Colorado's key stretch - Big 12 Blog - ESPN - Have a look at David Ubben as he looks at what he considers the key stretch for Colorado.

Colorado_mediumHerzl & Dohm Earn Conference, National Recognition - 

Freshmen Lizzy Herzl and Alex Dohm earn honors after their effort in the 1-0 double-overtime victory over UCLA Sunday.

Colorado_mediumCollege football coaches battle to find balance - Buffzone

What coaches do to take care of themselves during the season was a popular topic Monday on the Big 12 coaches' teleconference in the wake of Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

"We make sure in our schedule that guys can get some sleep and I want guys to get down there in the weight room and work out and get a little sweat going cause all that stuff is important," Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said. "It's hard. There is no question it's hard. It's a hard balance because you don't do a lot of other things, but we definitely try to encourage our guys to go for a jog and lift someweights and make sure you get some sleep. It is a grind though, no question."

"There is no doubt you just wear yourself thin trying to win every game in the fall, and there is a lot on your plate," Texas coach Mack Brown said.

I don't know why this stat was buried at the end of a College Coach Health PSA, but here ya go:

7 -- The number of times Colorado has rallied from at least 10 points down to win under coach Dan Hawkins.

Colorado_mediumBig 12 Quotes and Info - The Denver Post - Opponent Watch... sort-of.

"We’re making them have to defend eveyrbody," coach Bo Pelini said...

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is as impressed with Air Force’s players as people as much as players. "They’re a special group of young men... I don’t see a bunch of people with their hand up in the air wanting to play them... They are a group you want defending your country."

Some Texas Christian players and coach Gary Patterson said after the Horned Frogs’ 45-10 rout of Baylor that Bears quarterback Robert Griffin didn’t look all the way back from the torn knee that ended his 2009 season in September.

Texas coach Mack Brown admired Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio for going for a fake field goal to win or lose the Notre Dame game in overtime. The play worked and the Spartans won, 34-31. Brown went for it on 4th-and-1 in the Longhorns’ game at Texas Tech but Brown making the call is different. "I was not going to get fired over the call," he said. "There’s absolutely no doubt that a young coach who’s growing in this business and makes that call and it doesn’t work will be fired.

Colorado_mediumEight minutes of Emulation - CU At the Game - Stuart Whitehair - Here's one more re-cap of the Hawai'i comeback, with style.

As the Buffs waited, a trio of F-18’s thundered their way over the stadium, bringing about yet another raucous cheer from a Buff home crowd anxious to have something for which to cheer.

"Do you get it now?", I thought to myself as I saw the Buff players bunched up behind Ralphie, their gold helmets reflecting the first patch of sunlight of the afternoon. "Do you understand that wearing those 1990 Buffs’ jerseys means something??"

Apparently, the Buffs got it.

Go Buffs.