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David's Colorado vs California Quick Hits

At least <strong>Rodney Stewart</strong> didn't look so bad out there...
At least Rodney Stewart didn't look so bad out there...




That's really all there is to say after this game. I was texting a friend of mine that is a Cal fan during the second half, and even he remarked that we were beating ourselves more than they were. He didn't think they were playing all that great. And I agree. See my (incredibly depressing) instant analysis after the jump:

This Colorado team was supposed to be the most athletic, fastest and best prepared team of Hawkins tenure. On the field today, to proved to be one of the least talented teams I've seen us field.

Hansen couldn't hit anybody. In the first half, only two of his passes were on target.

I said it during the off-season that these first two games would tell us how our season will go. And we now know. We are just as undisciplined (if not more) than we were last year.

Our defense was consistently given a very short field to defend. They did alright through three quarters, considering. But look at the scoreboard. They didn't play all that well in the end.

I no longer like our chances next week against Hawaii. They will score points against us. But if our offense is this inept again, we won't win.

I want to write about some positives, but I can't find that many to talk about. I thought I could talk about how we kept their deep passing game under wraps before the fourth quarter, but then they got behind our Defense in the final period.

The only real positive I can think of from this miserable showing by the Buffs, is that it would be pretty tough for us to play worse than that. Is that a positive, though? It'll have to be, this week.

The fire-Hawkins talk has started again. It will now be hanging over the teams head. I said this before the season. If the sack-Hawk talk starts, I don't think they have the mental toughness to play through it. And recruiting? Yikes. I hope I'm proven wrong, and that today was the fluke, but I don't have great hope for it.


Thanks for ruining my weekend, Coach Hawkins. The players seemed so fired up for this game, before they got out there on the field.


Sorry for being so brief. But my Mom always told me: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Sorry Mom, I had to write something. So how about I amend it to: "If I can't say something nice, I'll be quick about it."


Go Buffs