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Monday Midday Buff Bites - Double JJ DBs

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It's like a Doublemint gum commercial over here: we've got two features of the two cornerbacks with the two J's.  Don't worry; we also have a full-pads practice, and 26 Days Left.

Colorado_mediumEnergetic Sunday Practice Precedes First Day In Pads - -

...finished up the fourth day of fall camp with an energetic two-hour session in shells on the practice fields in the early evening. Filled with some spirited play by the defense, the Buffs look ready to hit the field in pads Monday morning. The defense stepped up Sunday after the offense got the best of the defense Saturday.

Colorado_mediumJimmy Smith, Jalil Brown could help Buffs turn corner - Buffzone

When asked during Saturday's media day press conference about the luxury of having a "shutdown" cornerback on the defense...Hawkins smiled and pointed out that Colorado has a pair of all-conference starters at the position. has post-practice interviews with Hawkins, video interviews with players, and a new feature article every day.  Today's practice highlights give a sneak peek of the QB's practicing the option; and CSU is "Doomsday."

Colorado_mediumIntensity rises ahead of first day in pads for CU Buffs - Buffzone - Things get a little scrappy between the offense and the defense; and Hawk likes what he sees.  To cap off the defensive comeback, Jalil Brown returned an INT for a touchdown.  They also have a video interview with DeVaughn Thornton from the Daily Camera.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: No Time (Or Plays) Off For Smith This Season - -

All-America candidate Jimmy Smith's is approaching his final season of college football with what amounts to a five-word pledge: All out, all the time.

Go Buffs.