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Sunday Buff Bites - Camp Continues with One More WR

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Instead of crossing off names from the roster, we're adding them. 
With 27 Days Left, Fall Camp Continues...

Colorado_mediumDavid Gerhardt has continued to churn out awesome practice reports.  Even if you go to the practices, you should read his write-ups.

[8/7]: They noticed the same thing that everybody has been saying: These practices look faster/crisper/(insert your own positive adjective) than practices of the past few years. Guys know what's going on and they're really into the practices. The prime example of this today was during the O v D section. Ryan Miller was really pumped up, cheering on the 2nd O-line and very vocal with his fellow first-teamers. Everybody seems excited to be there working hard.

[8/6]: The O-line split up again after the standard blocking sled stuff and everything, and Kent Riddle took the Tackles and paired them with the TEs to work on blocking together, while Denver Johnson worked with the Cs and Gs.

Colorado_mediumAs BuffnBigD linked on Friday evening, Paul Richardson has joined the team, and cleared to begin practicing with the team immediately.  Here's the official release if you missed it.  With Patterson and Richardson added, our team looks all the more like a Pac-10-bound team.

Colorado_mediumWoelk: Confidence not lacking in Buffaloes - Buffzone

To a man, the Colorado Buffaloes say they`re tired of losing. No surprise there. There`s not a player on the roster who has finished a season in Boulder with more victories than losses...

It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you want to cure a long stretch of losing, you need a little swagger to your step to go with that chip on your shoulder...

As the Buffs gathered for lunch on Saturday, one CU football staffer looked around the room and noted that "there are more NFL-caliber guys in here than we`ve had in a long time."

Colorado_mediumTen Set To Enter Eighth Colorado Athletic Hall Of Fame Class - - This hall of fame class is truly impressive: Ceal Berry, Eric Bieniemy, Tera Bjorklund, and more.

A boatload of CU links, including Olympic Sports Media Day, Quotes from Hawkins from the CU Media Day, and more; after the Jump...

Colorado_mediumFall Olympic Sports Media Day -

The CU Fall Olympic Sport teams had their annual media day on Saturday, August 7. Cross country coach Mark Wetmore started out the day, followed by soccer coach Bill Hempen and volleyball coach Liz Kritza...

Colorado_mediumFootball Quotes From CU Fall Sports Media Day - - Sounds like the team has received some breaks as far as class scheduling goes:

ON MORNING PRACTICES-"The biggest thing is academics; having many more class offerings in the afternoon than there are earlier in the morning. That's a huge part of it. The other part of it is getting some more daylight, where in the evening we don't have as many hours, particularly when the time changes. Our academic people are fired up about it too, because everyone is up and awake, and they're here, and they're going. They're going to practice and get to class and get their school work done and get back into bed."

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Poole Working His Way Into A Different Scrum -  - This echoes what David Gerhardt has been saying.  It sounds like Poole is huge and fast, and will only get better.

Dakota Poole is a former Canadian rugby player of note who has designs on playing defensive tackle in American college football. Right now, he's a project - but one with a sizeable upside.

Colorado_mediumFour frosh in rush to boost Buffs - The Denver Post - A short commentary on our cross-country recruiting efforts, thanks (in part) to Skype.

Southern California. New Jersey. North Carolina. Alabama. That's how far Colorado went for a freshman running back quartet that must add some bash to its dash.

Colorado_mediumBuffs' Bonsu ready to bounce back - Buffzone

Defensive lineman Nate Bonsu was one of the most impressive freshman on the Colorado football team last season, but he wasn`t able to build on that success in the spring because of a knee injury suffered in winter conditioning.

"Everybody knows how we ended the year," Bonsu said. "Everybody out here is just ready to prove we`re actually a really, really great team, and we just want to win for us and the fans."

Go Buffs.