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Colorado Media Day Interviews And Audio - Dan Hawkins, Nate Bonsu and Nick Hirschman

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Bob and I headed up to Boulder today to attend the annual CU media day for the first time. It was a a great experience and very cool to start to see things from the "inside".  Below you can check out the audio from the Dan Hawkins Q&A as well as interviews with DT Nate Bonsu and QB Nick Hirschman. Both of the interviews turned out great so give them a listen.

Dan Hawkins Q&A Part 1 - Some of the audio is a little quiet and you can't hear all of the questions.

CU Media Day - Hawkins Audio 1

Dan Hawkins Q&A Part 2 

CU Media Day - Hawkins Audio 2

Nate Bonsu Interview - Nate is a fellow Allen Eagle alum, we're discussing on of his former coaches who I graduated with at the beginning of the audio. Nate may have to become the official Buff of The Ralphie Report, he's a really great kid.

CU Media Day - Nate Bonsu

Nick Hirschman Interview - We wanted to talk to Nick to catch up after we last spoke when he signed with the Buffaloes last summer.

CU Media Day - Nick Hirschman