David's 8-6 practice notes

Once again, I wimped out and couldn't stay for the whole practice, so I left just after the offense and defense started squaring off. I can't wait to find out what happens after that, hehe!

The first and most important piece of news is that PAUL RICHARDSON PRACTICED WITH THE TEAM! And he was on the updated roster that they handed out (thank Kyle Ringo for pointing that out to me. I saw him out there, but didn't pick up a roster, figuring they hadn't changed anything yet)

Go CU for picking up these transfer WRs. We may not close the deal during recruitment, but we can sure get them the second go around!

Speaking of transfer WRs, Andre Simmons was practicing today as well. Clark Evans still wasn't in uniform, but he was out there for practice, throwing to the TEs (lucky for them, he's a former QB). Travon Patterson was tossing the football with Coach Hawk while players were heading out to the field.


Some more player notes:

-DaVaughn Thornton has great hands and seems to have improved his blocking technique. We're going to see plenty of him this season.

-Liloa Nobriga has got some long arms and he's pretty good at using them to shed blocks.

-Nick Kasa is definitely going to see the field and definitely going to make an impact, he's just a good football player

-Same goes for Parker Orms. And he definitely looks bigger than last year. Maybe not over 200 lbs, but definitely more than 185.

-Kyle Cefalo will also see the field. He's another pretty small receiver, but he's pretty quick in and out of his breaks.

-I forgot just how athletic Nate Bonsu is. I'm glad he's back.

-I'm going to mention him again, but Dakota Poole is something else. He's both pretty powerful (and he'll definitely improve) and he's pretty fast and agile. He's a lot like Nick Kasa.


OK, so today's practice was a lot like yesterdays, only there were two high profile recruits in attendance. Shane Callahan, a big offensive Tackle from Parker was there with his parents and a teammate of his. And Adonis Ameen-Moore from Mullen was there with his Dad and his super-adorable baby sister. Good news that they both were there and that the practice was pretty crisp and well organized. Hopefully we looked good to them. And hopefully Ameen-Moore saw just how small most of our RBs are. We could definitely use his style of running.


Today was more fundamentals and then putting some of the pieces together. The O-line split up again after the standard blocking sled stuff and everything, and Kent Riddle took the Tackles and paired them with the TEs to work on blocking together, while Denver Johnson worked with the Cs and Gs. Yesterday there would be one C and one G together, while today he worked the whole interior line together. They worked on assignments and who blocks who when they get to the next level. Same with the Tackles and TEs. The combo of Nate Solder and Ryan Deehan looked pretty good.

The whole team spent more time on Turnovers, both preventing them and causing them. The DBs works on diving INTs. The coaches were hitting the WRs with pads while they ran with the ball. The TEs formed two lines that they would run through while the guys in the lines tried to pry the ball free. The D-line worked in pairs, while Romeo Bandison would toss a ball over the first guys head, he would just try to knock it up into the air so the second guy could intercept it easily (or at least have less trouble with it).

Anyway, that was most of what I saw. There was all sorts of other stuff going on that I didn't see. I did see Paul Richardson make a pretty spectacular catch (not to start hyping him up or anything). And I think I annoyed Kyle Ringo by asking him questions about things (like while why Simmons could suit up and practice, but Evans couldn't).

And we have a bunch of "speedy" running backs. Like, we've got four little water-bug type guys. Stewart, Lockridge, Jones and Jones are all just fast with quick feet.

Anyway, I know it's not a whole lot more than yesterday's report, but there you go. And I'll try my darndest to get through a whole practice. I think I'm going to watch the whole second practice tomorrow, and I might try to catch the second half of the earlier one.

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