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Thursday Buff Bites - Fall Camp Has Started

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It's D-Day minus 30.  Or as we like to call it: Fall Camp
It won't be long now.

Colorado_mediumFall Camp technically started yesterday at 4pm; with pictures, meetings, and the Annual Fall Camp Extravaganza (my name, not theirs). - Here's the Camp Schedule in a printable format from Buffzone if you want to attend any practices.

Colorado_mediumToday B.G. Brooks starts his position-by-position article series with the Wide Receivers.  He paints a very promising picture.

CU's roster features a three-year starter and probable record-breaker in senior Scotty McKnight, but probable game-breakers at wide receiver have been scarce - until now.

"He's like me," Clemons said [of Patterson]. "He's going to get the chance to showcase what he didn't get to do at SC. We've both got the most to prove to our supporters - and our doubters."

[Patterson:] "It doesn't add any pressure, it only increases the high expectations I have for myself. I had set my bar high when I got on campus. 'RP' and my teammates have set it high, too. All that has just made me more motivated."

 Colorado_mediumDan Hawkins' Buffs face familiar issues - Buffzone - More convincing reasons why we should be hopeful heading into camp.

Hawkins and his players believe there is finally a better blend of talent, experience and depth throughout the roster and the program could be poised to surprise just as it is parting ways with most of its long-time rivals.

Colorado_mediumFall Practice, 2010 - CU At the Game - Another nice fall camp preview article.  Someone else has been counting the days, too.

After 249 days of waiting, Colorado football finally turns the page ... Redemption, or at least the chance for it, beings anew

Mizzou in trouble, More CU Links, plus: Texas Tech's Tuberville has an itch. 

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Colorado_mediumExpansion Clearinghouse - CU At the Game - A gem of a quote from Larry Scott on the conference expansion.

"We wanted to get Colorado first," said Scott.

Colorado_mediumESPN's 'house of pain' themed article-blitz continues: Some coaches and programs love to inflict the pain

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Texas Tech - Tommy Tuberville has an itch.  Tuberville itching to start camp - Red Raiders
Colorado_mediumMizzou can't keep its coaches out of the drunk tank or its players out of apartment complex swimming pools after hours.  At least they're not Oke St.

Go Buffs.