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Wednesday Buff Bites

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31 Days Left...

Colorado_mediumCU Buff Jimmy Smith makes Thorpe list - Buffzone - Counting Smith, there were 6 DB's on the watch list from the Big 12: 1 from OU, 1 from NU, 3 from UT, and of course our Buff from California.

Colorado senior cornerback Jimmy Smith was one of 35 defensive backs around the nation to be named to the Jim Thorpe Award preseason watch list today...

Two former Buffs have won the award. Deon Figures (1992) and Chris Hudson (1994)

Colorado_mediumPac-10's Scott blames Texas for his plan's demise - - Hopefully the last word on the subject, but probably not.

The Pac-10 commissioner said his conference wasn't able to expand to 16 schools because of four main issues. Scott spoke with a small group of reporters at the conclusion of Pac-10 media day on the floor of the Rose Bowl

 Colorado_mediumAgony of defeat outweighs thrill of victory in House of Pain - ESPN - The new feature slideshow / ad-bait campaign over at ESPN is a countdown of the most painful defeats.  I could barely bring myself to link to the slideshow directly.

The wins come and go, but the losses linger. And linger. We seem progressively more wired to wallow in the misery of loss. That's just how it works -- for fans and the participants.

Colorado_mediumWomen's Basketball Announces 2010-11 Schedule - - Jon talked about the men's basketball schedule release; the Women released their schedule, too.

Colorado_mediumYoga Helps Prepare Buffs For Rigors Of Approaching Season -

Another benefit cited by Hansen was the visualization segment that ends each class. When asked to visualize success, Hansen conjures an image of him and teammates surrounding a Big 12 Conference championship trophy. "We're asked to relax and picture our goal," he said.

"After one of the classes, I asked (safety) Ray Polk what he was seeing - he had the same picture in his head, the Big 12 trophy . . . we're all on the same page."

Go Buffs!