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Tuesday Evening Buff Bites - We're Getting Really Close Now...

Just two more days and we will have college football back. Hallelujah brothers and sisters!

Colorado_medium Big 12 exit fee holding up CU jump to Pac-10 - The Denver Post - This report makes a lot more sense than what we saw last week. All parties are still working towards the Buffs leaving after this season. It still may not happen, but I would put my money on 2011.

The Pac-10, which has accepted Colorado beginning with the 2012 football season, wants to begin scheduling for 2011 by Oct. 15. In order for CU to join next year, it must negotiate an exit fee that would make it economically feasible to leave the Big 12 a year early. The current fee believed to be on the table is about $9 million, depending on variables ranging from TV appearances to a bowl game. "We're waiting and seeing," Colorado president Bruce Benson said. All three parties — CU, the Big 12 and the Pac-10 — would like the Buffs to join the Pac-10 next year, but unless they get help from the Big 12 on lowering the exit fee, CU will likely stay until 2012.

Colorado_medium CU's Hawkins coaching against the odds - Boulder Daily Camera

There is hope for Dan Hawkins. Can the Colorado football coach come back from the brink of being fired at the end of last season to lead the Buffs to a winning year in 2010 with more wins to come in the future?

Colorado_medium Paige: Herrod finds "real" home at CU - The Denver Post - Woody Paige takes a look at Marquez Herrod's journey to the University of Colorado.

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Colorado_medium Buffaloes looking to avoid early stumbles - Big 12 Blog - ESPN - The Buffs CANNOT afford another early season mistake fest like we saw in 2009.

Colorado_medium Big 12 Preview: A Breakdown Of All The Must-See Dates On Conference's Farewell Tour - - Peter Bean takes a look at the best games coming up for the Big 12 in 2010. He also thinks the Buffs could challenge for the North. 

Colorado_medium Predicting the Big 12's 2010 season - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Newcomer of the Year: Toney Clemons, wide receiver, Colorado I'll toe the company line on this one. Clemons is physically impressive and should have plenty of opportunities to make plays with Tyler Hansen at quarterback. 

Colorado_medium 2010 CFB Season Predictions...In MS Paint - This season "preview" is hilarious... 

Colorado_medium BYU To Go Independent In Football And Join The West Coast Conference In Non-Football Sports - Mountain West Connection - BYU is dumb. I really, really hate this move.