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Tuesday Buff Bites - The Twelves Are Everywhere!

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The Lists of 12 and Big 12 Retrospectives have begun.  There's even 12 Buff Bites today, the horror!  Just tell yourself;

32 Days Left...

Colorado_mediumWoelk: 12 reasons to like CU Buffs' chances - Buffzone - A tasteful Buff-centric Top-12 from the Buffzone

In honor of the last year of the 12-team Big 12, top 12 reasons to believe the Colorado Buffaloes can play winning football this year: #1. Nate Solder...

...By the way, here`s a shout to former Buff coach Gary Barnett, who started the recruiting process with Solder. Barnett recognized the potential of the big kid from the little town of Buena Vista and got the ball rolling.

Colorado_mediumThe best of Big 12 football - - The twelves are everywhere in Oklahoma for their Big 12 Retrospective, they have Top-12 everything.  CU gets the token mentions that you'd expect from an Oklahoma vantage; Nate Solder, Tyler vs. Cody, and 62-36.

Everything Must be 12 In the final year of 12 teams in the Big 12, The Oklahoman pays tribute to the number "12." We look at the 12 best players, 12 players on the spot, the 12 best players you've never heard of, 12 things we learned during Big 12 media days in Dallas, 12 things we didn't learn in Dallas, and look back at the 12 best moments in Big 12 history.

Thankfully there aren't 12 lists.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: CU's 'Other' Corner Set To Make Mark On Secondary - - Scotty is apparently the go-to guy to find out about someone on the team; including his counterpart on the defense, CB Jalil Brown.

McKnight: "He is hands down one of the best corners in the country. Of everyone I've gone against - Aqib Talib at Kansas, guys from Oklahoma and different schools - Jalil's strength and speed are unmatched by anyone."

Colorado_mediumColorado vs. Nebraska at the Rose Bowl? - The Denver Post - Perhaps the Rivalry can live on...

According to the Los Angeles Times, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott wants to hold an annual kickoff game in the famed stadium, pitting a Pac-10 team against an opponent from the Big Ten Conference.

Colorado_mediumChapters and Affinity Groups - CU-Boulder Alumni Association - For everybody, but especially you out-of-towners, I have to recommend that you find your local CU Alumni Chapter.  I did, and it's great.  Winning is all the better when you have someone to share it with. 

Colorado_mediumCU Online Ticket Office - Home Games - Single-Game tickets went on sale yesterday.  I don't actually have to attend that wedding in October, right?

After the Jump: Opponent Watch on CSU and Georgia, and: Who wants to go to Vegas?

 Colorado_mediumLas Vegas Bowl eyes Colorado, Utah as Pac-12 entries - The Denver Post - No offense to Shreveport, but Vegas sounds like a much better Bowl destination than northern Louisiana.
Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch - Georgia - The Denver Post - I've seen their defense from last year called "disastrous."

The Bulldogs...were 10th in the Southeastern Conference in scoring defense and 11th in takeaways. They have given up at least 34 points in 10 of their last 26 games.

They have a new D-coordinator and a new system (3-4), and we nearly had them in Athens the last time we played.

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch - CSU - The Denver Post - The short, short version: they don't know who's starting, QB, RB, WR; pretty much anywhere.

Colorado_medium"Emptying the Notebook: Big 12 Media Days" - - A Missouri perspective on the Big 12 Media Days

You had two clusters of writers who were starting their own sort of farewell tour, those who cover Nebraska and Colorado. You had some coaches and players who seemed oblivious to the near carnage that unfolded just a few weeks ago. (Well, they wanted to seem oblivious. There was some major tongue biting in Dallas.) Then you had Commissioner Dan Beebe strutting about and cracking jokes about the Big Ten during his press conference.

Colorado_mediumAn LA Times writer says, "Rah-rah Pac-10" - It'll be nice to have cities like LA and Seattle replace towns like Lawrence and Norman.

Colorado_mediumThanks to Allen Barteld for posting this link to the Ralphie Report.  Basically the A&M ultimatum has been delivered: They want their $20 mil, and they're willing to sue the Big 12 to get it.

Go Buffs.