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Report: Colorado Buffaloes To Remain In The Big 12 Until 2012

Great, I post a story about how the Ohio State game all but locks us into moving to the Pac-10 in 2011 and head to the dentist. Before I can even get into the dentist's chair, Kyle Ringo publishes a report that the Buffaloes will remain in the Big 12 until 2012.

University of Colorado officials are planning to remain in the Big 12 Conference through the 2011-12 school year and join the Pac-12 Conference two years from now as originally announced in June.

"That is our plan and that is what we are working on," athletic director Mike Bohn told the Camera today.

I've read that story a few times now and I don't quite buy it.  Bohn's quote is that they are working on it, but no where does he say that they are not also working on leaving next year. We get it, the CU athletic department is strapped for cash and for them to move to the Pac-10 a year early, concessions will have to be made by the Big 12. We also know that Bebee and the rest of the conference would rather both Nebraska and Colorado move on as soon as possible, provided they get their money. Colorado staying until 2012 is not good for the Big 12. It doesn't help them move on logistically, it doesn't help them move on as a brand, and it isn't going to give the member universities some huge chunk of change once the exit fee is divided up.  This is all about posturing plain and simple, and someone is going to have to blink first. CU has nothing to lose by being patient and staying for another year, the Big 12 does. 

Be prepared to hear a lot more over the next few weeks, this isn't done yet. The good news is the dentist gave me the all clear. No cavities for this guy.