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Buffs Select Impressive Group For 2010 Captains

A day after the University of Colorado released it's depth chart, Buff players sat down and selected four captains for the 2010 season. The team chose cornerback Jalil Brown, quarterback Cody Hawkins, wide receiver Scotty McKnight and offensive tackle Nate Solder.

Hard to imagine a better group of players tagged as the leaders of the team.

Scotty McKnight will go down as one of the most productive receivers in Colorado football history and Cody Hawkins' leadership and desire to win are second to none. Jalil Brown and Nate Solder are two of the more talented Buffs on the 2010 squad, both with NFL aspirations. These two will be counted on a lot this year to deliver for their respective units.

As noted by, "All four are fifth-year seniors and three-year lettermen, with Brown, McKnight and Solder atop their respective positions on the depth chart; Hawkins is second at quarterback but has started 28 games in is CU career.  The veteran foursome combined has played in 144 games, with 97 starts among them." These are good Buffs that fans can be happy to call captains of the team.

These four will have a big task this year getting the team ready to play at all times. One of the issues Colorado has had in the past is not being mentally prepared to play, especially on the road where prior teams have shown up flat and lacking energy. Certainly the coaches have a role in focusing the players but captains need to know the pulse of the team and need to know when to assert themselves. It is safe to say many will judge this group on how they change the past and it starts with solving the road woes.