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Friday Buff Bites - Football Scrimmage Review Spectacular!

Rodney Stewart at the fall scrimmage.  Do you see the awesome?  Yes you do.  - Daily Camera
Rodney Stewart at the fall scrimmage. Do you see the awesome? Yes you do. - Daily Camera
It's Friday, so here's a picture of Rodney Stewart from yesterday's scrimmage.  22 Days left.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Buffs 'O' Opens Fast In First Fall Scrimmage - 

On consecutive drives, the Nos. 1-2 CU offenses - the first unit quarterbacked by junior Tyler Hansen, the second by senior Cody Hawkins - drove 80 yards each for touchdowns.

Colorado_mediumAbbreviated Scrimmage notes - David Gerhardt - The Ralphie Report

We sat along the 20 yardline on the Northwest corner of the stadium, where the LBs did their pregame routine. Cabral and Jon Majors led them, and then had Mike Sipili explain why they went through the drills they did and how the routine will help them throughout the season...

FYI: The Scrimmage Statistics can be found here

Colorado_mediumWoelk: Buffs put some smiles on fans` faces - Buffzone
It`s been a while since I`ve seen fans leave Folsom Field after a CU scrimmage with smiles on their faces... The Buffs have some talent and depth this year, and it showed on Thursday.

Colorado_mediumHansen appears to have the edge for CU's starting quarterback job - The Denver Post 

Tyler Hansen knows it. Colorado's players know it. Even the offensive coordinator hinted at it.

And if I can ever get my article to load correctly, Mike Bohn knows it, too!

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs QB Hansen feels good about scrimmage - Buffzone

Colorado_mediumCU beefs up with jumbo package - Buffzone

Notable roster additions, a few minor injuries and the infancy of position battles have dominated news in the early stages of Colorado fall camp, but the first scrimmage Thursday brought a big development with coaches adding nearly 600 pounds to the backfield.

We have more scrimmage stuff, random college football links, and our eyes on those rams down the road: after the jump.

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: CSU - CSU Rams facing own quarterback quandary - I don't know which is more pitiable; that CSU lost nine games last year, or that it looks like they might do it again.

Freshman starting quarterback. Those are three words to die by if you`re a head coach in desperate need of a victory.

Actually, nevermind.  Having the Denver Post complain about your uniforms is worse: The latest CSU uniform nightmare.

Colorado_mediumCollege Football: So, apparently Penn State coach Joe Paterno was nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  There should be a Presidential Medal of Football for just this kind of thing.

Colorado_mediumCollege Football: The Bleacher Report gives us 10 Reasons Why the SEC Won't Win the BCS Title 
Colorado_mediumUnderachieved in the past, Colorado Buffs offensive line improved - The Denver Post

If there’s strength in numbers, Colorado has it. There are 20 offensive linemen on the roster, enabling CU to practice with four offensive lines. During Dan Hawkins’ first spring, CU had only six health[y] and available blockers – total.

Talk about depth where you need it, and they're all coming back next year, too!

Go Buffs.