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Buffaloes Fall Scrimmage Stats And Notes

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156 plays, 5 penalties. Unless there were Pop Warner referee's working this scrimmage, which there weren't, then we should all be very happy to see that stat. I immediately consider the simulated game a success with that number of flags.

Couple of other notes with a more detailed recap coming from David in a bit...

- The Buffs threw the ball 74 times compared to 57 attempts running the ball. Not what we should expect once the season rolls around, but none the less it's a pretty good indicator of what the coaches wanted to work on.

- Tyler Hansen finished the day with 220 yards with a completion percentage of almost 70% and a long pass of 31 yards and one touchdown. Hansen threw one interception to good ole Parker Orms, who returned it for 29 yards. Looks like he had a pretty good day.

- Cody didn't do too shabby either, racking up 182 yards on 31 passes with 1 touchdown.

- Brian Lockridge led all running backs with 46 yards on 10 carries, but 21 of those came on one run. Speedy finished with 26 on 12, which won't get it done.

- Will Jefferson, Kyle Cefalo and Scotty McKnight all 5 or more receptions for 80 plus yards. Considering Travon and Paul are still getting into the flow of things, this looks like a great day for the receivers.

- We have been hearing a lot of good thing about Terrel Smith and he lived up to the hype today, leading the defense with 10 tackles.

Check out the rest of the stats from the scrimmage here: Buffaloes Fall Scrimmage Stats