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Saturday Buff Bites - Saturday was Meant for Game-Day

It's a Scotty Kind of Day today.
35 Days Left...

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Conference Preseason Rankings

Opponent Pre-Season Conference Rank
CSU 7th in MWC
Cal 7th in Pac-10
Hawai'i 7th in WAC
Georgia 2nd in SEC East
Mizzou 2nd in Big 12 North
Baylor 6th in Big 12 South
Texas Tech 4th in Big 12 South
OU 1st in Big 12 South
Kansas 4th in Big 12 North
Iowa State 6th in Big 12 North
K-State 3rd in Big 12 North
Nebraska 1st in Big 12 North

Suddenly that beefy Non-Conference schedule looks very 3-and-1-able for CU.

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs' Scotty McKnight tired of losing - Boulder Daily Camera

Take away the catches, the yards, the touchdowns, the records, the notoriety. Heck, take away his playing time, too. ...the Colorado wide receiver would do it if it meant more victories, less drama and more fun for teammates and coaches during his career. McKnight needs three receptions to become the Buffs' all-time leading pass catcher.

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs' sleepers turn out to be keepers - The Denver Post

"I always had confidence when I played, but I didn't know (success) would come this fast or it would turn out this way," McKnight said Wednesday. "I knew I didn't have the physical attributes that would scream 'five-star recruit.' But I just felt that I worked as hard as I could I'd find a way."

Colorado_mediumSaturday is Game Day in my world.  It's probably because I spent all four years at CU in the Marching Band, where so much of what is done is structured around Saturday and the Football game.  In keeping with yesterday's Buff Bites Title, and the Monday Poll Winner, allow me to dust off highlights of the 62-36 game.  Apologies in advance for the captions, sadly it's the only highlight reel out there:

Go Buffs