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Big 12 Media Days: Dan Hawkins Quotes And Video

The 2010 Big 12 Media Days have now all but wrapped up. What is more than likely Colorado's last time to take part in the festivities as a member of the conference turned out to be a rather quiet affair, especially compared to the build up before the SEC's days and the hype surrounding the PAC-10 re-branding (which I LOVE).  Below you can check out some of the best of Dan Hawkins' quotes that I compiled as well as links to the complete transcript and video of the press conference.

HAWKINS: Awesome to be here as always. You know, people here in the warmup period have asked me how do you feel and what's your mood? I was talking to Coach Stoops out in the hallway earlier, and I'm just always fired up to go. I really am. It seems like the older I get too, the sooner I get fired up. It always seems about July time you're ready to go and chomping at the bit. So very, very excited about that.

I think our strength coach will tell you we've had a tremendous off-season, again, probably better than we've ever had before, just in terms of our production and what kids have done. And our academic staff, just very fired up about the attitude of our guys and their approach to school. A bunch of new guys in the mix as well. That all has been really, really, really positive.

So we're excited for that. I think for us, just the growth and maturity in our defensive line will help us. We're a year older, and that's going to help us. I think, again, the same thing in the O-line. Little bit of growth and maturity and getting some depth in there. Obviously, having some other players that are going to help Scotty, Scotty McKnight, at wide receiver. All of those things bode well for us.

Q. Wondering if you could just give us an idea of the timing for the quarterback position in the camp. How long do you want to give it?

COACH HAWKINS: We'll see. I think we'll probably get through a couple of scrimmages there and give everybody really a chance to kind of compete and get going. Then as you get two weeks out, typically

before you play your first opponent, you kind of want to make sure that you kind of hone in on that. We always -- as you know, coming to practice, we're not one of those outfits that ever give all the reps to the ones anyway. We're always trying to build some people underneath that. So either way, the other guy will still get some reps as well as the rest of the roster.

Q. The three guys you brought were not five-star guys. You know, how do you -- what's your philosophy on finding these diamonds in the rough? I think you've had better luck with those than some of the five-star guys you've recruited.

COACH HAWKINS: Well, it's interesting. You guys have heard me talk about this before. I think -- and I'm not totally down on the star system, but it doesn't mean that that's the end all. I don't think you just open up whatever service and go, okay, let's just go and get those guys. I think there's a package in total that you have to look at, particularly for us in Colorado, in terms of the kind of student as well as the kind of player. I think this is true, and Pat might be able to validate this, but someone told me there are more three-star guys in the NFL than there are four- and five-star combined. Can anybody validate that? Anyhow, there's a lot of things that people bring to the table, and I think, when you're looking at evaluating a player, it doesn't matter what level, there's more things than just the tangible parts of it. Do those matter? Sure, they do. But then I think you have to look at the other contingency factors as well. There's plenty of guys -- you know, the Indianapolis Colts this year have three former walk-ons on their football team. So I just don't think you can use that as the end all. That doesn't mean that a guy who's a five-star player is bad. It doesn't mean that at all. I just think you have to look at the total package.

Q. You talked a little bit about Scotty. Can you just elaborate a little bit more on some

of the receivers you expect to kind of amplify that situation this year.

COACH HAWKINS: Yeah. Honestly, Toney Clemons is a kid that's been in our program. He's a Michigan transfer. Toney is one of those guys, very smart, great student, very athletically gifted. Got a chip on his shoulder. I think that's an important part of the equation, and we expect him to be in the mix for us. Will Jefferson is a young guy that played for us as a true freshman. And we expect him to be in the mix. He can really run. Kyle Cefalo is a kid that had a great spring for us. We look for him. Jarrod Darden is another young guy. We expect to get some pops in there as well.

Check it all out here: Dan Hawkins Press Conference Transcript and Video