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Wednesday Buff Bites - Travon Patterson, Pac-10 Logo, Opponent Watch, and Day 2 of Big 12

38 Days Left...

Edited for Awesome

Edit: Colorado_mediumBrooks: Beebe Hints At Buffs' Exit To Pac-10 By 2011 - - BG Brooks has this really nice article about Beebe's comments about CU's departure...

Addressing the media Tuesday afternoon, Beebe alluded to the "disappointment about the departure of two very, very quality institutions" and his "regret that I won't get to (work with them) after this year."

...and then buried in the 15th paragraph is confirmation about Travon Patterson:

Receiver Travon Patterson, a transfer from Southern California, and defensive lineman Dakota Poole will be among the players who report on Aug. 4 for physicals, meetings, the issuing of equipment, etc. Since coming to Colorado, Patterson has been living with senior receiver Scotty McKnight, who gushed over Patterson's speed and was eager to see him perform in practice.

I just couldn't let that one wait 'til tomorrow.

Colorado_mediumDay 2: 2010 Big 12 Media Days - ESPN - Day 2 featured Mizzou, Okie State, K-State, and Texas Tech.   The Big 12 blog on ESPN has a good wrap-up, replete with bad semi-puns and the best of the best (so far).
Colorado_mediumThe new Pac-10 logo is here.  Furthermore, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott announced that:

"We will be mathematically correct going forward," Scott said Monday at a news conference at a Manhattan hotel.

So it will be the Pac-12 just as soon as we can get outta Dodge.

Colorado_mediumPac-10 juggling schedule for two more teams - ESPN - The Pac-12 may stay at 9 league games after, Larry Scott said there is, "a strong bias" toward keeping the nine-game schedule.

We've got Opponent Watch updates on Cal and Georgia, after the jump.   


Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Cal - Don't be surprised if... California - Pac-10 Blog - ESPN - Apparently Cal has had a so-so QB who's supposed to be good all of a sudden...  
Don't be surprised if ... California quarterback Kevin Riley, after an inconsistent career, turns in a solid senior season.

Colorado_mediumOpponent Watch: Georgia - Georgia starting linebacker Dent has surgery, out 4-6 weeks - UGA sports blog - Georgia was counting on Akeem Dent as a veteran LB as they switch to the 3-4.  FYI: The Georgia game is 9 weeks away.

Colorado_mediumFile under 'Innocent until proven guilty' (I guess): Florida State linebacker Nigel Carr has been charged with five separate allegations, including two felonies...and MIGHT get suspended from the team...

Go Buffs.