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Tuesday Two-Day Buff Bites: Big 12 Media Days

It's Tuesday, with two days worth of links!

Oh, and: 39 days left...

Colorado_mediumDay 1 of the Big XII media days is finished, and Nebraska, Baylor, Iowa State, and A&M each took their turn.  ESPN's Big 12 blog has a nice review of things.

Colorado_mediumDay 2's slate starts at 9 with Missouri, Oke State, K-State, and Tech.  At midday, they're followed by the Executive Director of the BCS, the Big 12's coordinator of football officials, and the Beebe himself.  Video what-now?

Colorado_mediumBig 12's Dan Beebe: 'Makes the most sense' for CU Buffs to join Pac-10 in 2011 - Buffzone

Big 12 Conference commissioner Dan Beebe said "it makes the most sense" for the University of Colorado to leave the Big 12 for the Pac-10 in 2011 instead of the 2012, and he believes that is likely to happen.

Colorado_mediumIndeed it is dark times; CU fans are falling down on the job: Nebraska WR Calls Mizzou Toughest Crowd - SB Nation Kansas City

"Mizzou fans are usually pretty clever so they can come up with some good ones."

As usual: more after the jump.

Colorado_mediumHenderson: Ten early questions and answers about Big 12 football - The Denver Post

I see a tiny, barefoot, old woman wearing beaded anklets up and down her legs, two different floral prints and a ring in her nose. She sidles up to me and says, "So why did the Big 12 kiss up to Texas?"

Colorado_mediumEx-Buff Bieniemy stays with Vikings - Buffzone

Those conversations... ...led to Bieniemy`s decision to stay in Minnesota. Bieniemy... ...will receive a promotion and pay raise from the Vikings.

Colorado_mediumNew Look for Pac-10 Ahead of its Media Day - ESPN - The Pac 10 has a new logo, and is taking it coast-to-coast.

-Go Buffs