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Friday Buff Bites

It's Friday, so here's a picture of Scotty:


 Colorado_mediumThe Big XII media days start on monday. Here's the schedule and what will become links to the videos. We take the podium on Wednesday at 10:30 (presumably Central time). Hawkins will be accompanied by Jalil Brown, Scotty McKnight, and Nate Solder.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Solder Takes Aim At Memorable Senior Season - - BG Brooks has a nice piece up about our pre-season All American tackle.

CU left tackle Nate Solder is huge (6-9, 305) and he's primed for a huge senior season. He's receiving loads of preseason attention, but he's shrugging it off and concentrating on what's really important.

Colorado_mediumHagan hears good things about frosh RBs - The Denver Post

Apparently two of the new running backs are doing well - Cordary Allen of Phenix City, Ala, and Trea’ Jones of Wake Forest, N.C.

A few more links and a short video of Travon Patterson... after the jump.

On the video, it's out of date and looks like someone videoed the TV, but here ya go.


And for some Non-Colorado College Football Links, We have ESPN's take on Reggie Bush, Vince Young and the Heisman, the history of football from Lost Lettermen, and Barking Carnival's ongoing statistical circus. 

Go Buffs.