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Report: Travon Patterson Is Coming To Colorado Today

Being in Boston and this ridiculous time zone definitely has it's benefits today as I just woke up to what looks to be some fantastic news on current USC wide receiver Travon Patterson.

Senior WR Travon Patterson told he is transferring to Colorado. He had 10 catches for 96 yards in his #USC #Trojan career.less than a minute ago via web


Patterson said that he was recruited by multiple schools but only considered two. He heads to Boulder tomorrow (Thursday).less than a minute ago via web

As I wrote on SB Nation Denver last night,

Patterson has played in 33 games in four different seasons (he got one back for an injury redshirt)and 10 passes for 96 yards with no touchdowns. While the production hasn't been there yet, Travon has been stuck behind a log jam at WR and he certainly has the skills to see the field.

I'll be on a flight heading back to Denver this morning, so you guys make sure and add any news you find to the comments. Welcome to Boulder Travon!