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Vegas Knows Best, Let's Look At The Odds.

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We are right in the middle of the worst time of the year for the die hard college football fan. No practice, no real leaks from the summer work outs, no recruiting news (that one is exclusive to the Buffs and Longhorns, for quite opposite reasons) and the slow burn of the Major League Baseball season. The one thing that we can look forward to during the summer is the release of the numerous preview magazines that are just now hitting the shelves. We tear into each and every one and go right to the Big 12 Conference page to see where these "experts" have the Buffs finishing the conference. Well I'm going to let you in on a little secret... if you're reading this, and other college football sites regularly then you probably know just as much about the Big 12 than the editors of these mags do (except my boy Phil Steele... Sooners baby!).

All that being said, if you want a good idea of where the real experts have the conferences playing out in 2010 then there is only one place to look.... Vegas.  Olympic Sportsbook has posted their conference and division odds for the upcoming season.  Let's take a look...

Big 12 North
Colorado +600
Iowa State +1200
Kansas +500
Kansas State +400
Missouri +300
Nebraska +100

Big 12 South
Baylor +1000
Oklahoma +175
Oklahoma State +1000
Texas +125
Texas A&M +400
Texas Tech +600

Check out the Conference odds after the jump...

Big 12
Baylor +2000
Colorado +1200
Iowa State +3000
Kansas +1500
Kansas State +800
Missouri +650
Nebraska +250
Oklahoma +250
Oklahoma State +2000
Texas +200
Texas A&M +800
Texas Tech +1200

- The odds makers think that the Big 12 North is Nebraska and everyone else (outside of Iowa State of course).  

- You can call me a homer, but the Buffs should be have shorter odds than the Jayhawks and I think that might be the biggest miss on the board. Whether they liked him or not, the loss of Mangino is a huge one, and I don't believe that Turner will be able to get things going in season 1.

- I certainly think that Oklahoma State will take a step back, but I feel like they should be right there with Texas Tech, especially with all the unknowns that Tuberville is bringing with him.  Gundy has brought up the talent level on that team and they have a great platoon of running backs.

- On that same note, if Griffin stays healthy this year I would put Baylor even with Tech and Ok State.  With their schedule, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see the Bears go 5-3 in conference.

- The conference breaks down into pretty clear tiers this season.  For the North, tier 1 is Nebraska, tier 2 is Missouri, Kansas State, and Colorado, and tier 3 is Kansas and Iowa State.  For the South, tier 1 is Oklahoma and Texas, tier 2 is Texas A&M, and tier 3 is Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Baylor.

So what does everyone think?