FanShot How Chip Brown stole the Big 12 spotlight


Thought this was a good read. If DeLoss Dodds was not Chip Brown's source and the University of Texas is as tight on information as Brown mentions, then I expect a full investigation from the University of Texas any day to find the rat in the organization. And if the University of Texas was as uncomfortable as Chip says they were regarding the information he was reporting, I expect them to take away his media credentials this coming fall. At TRR, we know how hard it is to get media credentials and we know the University controls them so let's see if UT does anything about it. Something tells me if UT had a problem, they would act on it. We will see, I guess, but something also tells me nothing is going to happen to Chip, his livelihood as a UT sports reporter or his media credentials. With some contending that Chip Brown was merely an agent of the Texas athletic department, asked the reporter to respond to the charge that Texas merely used him as a public microphone for its message and to advance its agenda. "The people at Texas know that's not true," Brown said. "Even though I cover Texas, some of the people I had a great relationship with when I was at The Dallas Morning News were unsure about my move to My phone calls got returned less frequently or not at all. I couldn't get a football credential until I agreed to do a Big 12 roundup for our national site. I still can't get a basketball credential. I have contacts across the Big 12 from covering the league for two decades. I get that the name of our Web site would lead everyone to believe we were having coffee with [Texas athletic director] DeLoss Dodds and [Texas president] Bill Powers each morning, but I never talked to them once during this whole process. They are still turning down my interview requests to come on the radio now that things have cooled down. "I think I made the people at Texas totally uncomfortable through this whole thing, to be honest. They are incredibly controlling about information, almost paranoid. So the thought that someone at UT would use me to further their agenda is almost laughable."