Podcast: Head Coach Dan Hawkins Talks With 1510 The Score


Go to the podcast section in the middle of the page to listen to Hawkins talk about: -The Pac-10 switch -Recruiting the Pac-10 -CU Buffs quarterback competition (talked mostly about Hirschman, didn't really touch the other two quarterbacks) -Discomfort of coaching against Big 12 opponents next year -The learning curve against new Pac-10 opponents (Shapiro couldn't quite get that question out right) -Future scheduling (Hawkins said Pac-10 in 2011 with 9 conference games so you lose a preseason non-conference game) -Coach Hawkins on the hot seat (Hawk said better to be on the hot seat than no seat at all, easy to sit on sidelines, been on the hot seat since he started coaching football. Uneasy time for a lot of people, even referenced the economy and the oil spill) -Thoughts on the Pac-10 overall -On the potential of baseball coming to CU and that helping football recruiting -Boise State move to the Mountain West Conference -Is the Pac-12 going to divide into two divisions (nothing has been officially decided or set in stone) -Talk about the running back spot, depth and is Rodney Stewart capable of caring the load (Lockridge is available, still gaining experience. Bringing in four freshman, one or two will see playing time. Corey Nabors becomes the utility guy) -What is your team's identity for this season? (Hard to tell at this point in the season)