12th Man Blog Notes on Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe's 6/15 Teleconference

bumped and notes provided by Bob_Bell You can't make this stuff up. This summary of the Big 12 teleconference today by I am the 12th Man, the SBNation Texas A&M blog, continues to show us why the Buffs made the right move to get out of the Big 12-2. Here are a few juicy parts but their are plenty of others worth your time at I am the 12th Man: I just listened to the Dan Beebe live teleconference on the 'new' Big 12 Conference; some observations: -Texas Tech has yet to commit to this new deal; he is hoping they do so later today. (I believe their Board of Regents meets today?) -There is no official agreement from all the schools to stay together, just promises, handshakes, and commitments. Technically, this means there is still room for negotiations with other conferences, should a school still be inclined to leave. -There are no concrete numbers on the new television deal; it is all based on just estimates. I guess no one in the A&M leadership has ever heard the phrase, "Make sure you get that in writing?" -The "Forgotten Five" (Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State) are going to take their portion of the penalty payouts from Nebraska and Colorado and give them to Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and texas. Yes, you read that right, those five schools are so happy to be able to remain in a BCS conference, they are bribing A&M, OU, and texas to stay here with them. -Beebe is incredibly defensive of texas; seemed to bristle anytime someone questioned their role in this whole melodrama. I guess Dodds didn't tell him how he was supposed to answer those types of questions. -Beebe was asked how he would respond to people who said this whole situation was just a major powerplay by texas? His response was, "texas has a lot of influence." **Facepalm** -Beebe said several times that Texas A&M, texas, and OU all had other conferences looking at them, that all three had other options, so it was essential to give them a bigger piece of the revenue pie to keep them in the Big 12.