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The University Of Texas Will Remain In The Big 12

Well, we now know that our new conference in 2012 will be the Pac-12 and will most likely be the current Pac-10 and the addition of the Buffaloes and the Utah Utes. Theoretically, Texas A&M moving to the SEC could still throw a wrench in these plans, but Texas isn't going to turn down the offer if they aren't sure that the Aggies are staying the Big 12. I'll put my thoughts in the comments, but what does everyone else think?  Happy?

It's over: Larry Scott just confirmed to me Texas has declined offer to joine Pac-10. he's back in the Bay Area....statement coming soon.less than a minute ago via web


The University of Texas will stay in the Big 12, Texas just announced. 11 a.m. presser in Austin tomorrow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck