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Memorial Day Weekend Buff Bites - When Will It End, Markques Simas?

Sorry for how slow it's been around here over the past few weeks. The combination of no baseball/softball and our current job situations have made this a very slow time of the year.  Fear not though, fall practice is just around the corner and we will have a few surprises once football season rolls around. Until then, here's the news I've been saving for the last week.

Colorado_medium Failure-to-appear warrant issued for CU football player Markques Simas - Buffzone - Not a whole not be to be said here. We certainly don't know the story behind this and I'm not going to pass judgement, but at this point it really doesn't matter, I personally don't see how many more chances the kid can get. Discipline is one area where I have complete faith in Hawk, hot seat or not, and I'll accept whatever decision is made.

Colorado_medium Texas has only two recruits this year, but they will make an instant impact - ESPN - Reggie Rankin gives us a C+ for recruiting so far, which leaves us last in conference. That being said, he doesn't include Utah transfer Carlon Brown and he didn't mention the lack of time that Tad has been recruiting.

Colorado Buffaloes Recruits: two | ESPNU 100: none After not having a commit on the board in the early period, new coach Tad Boyle hit the ground running. Center Ben Mills (Hartland, Wis./Arrowhead) is 7-1 and will provide great size, skill and upside after being released from his Boise State commitment. Forward Andre Roberson (San Antonio, Texas/ Wagner) is very mobile and skilled. This class will be a good start for the Buffs as they continue to build, but the size and athletic ability of this class will demand their opponent's full attention.

Colorado_medium College Football - Ron Zook, Dan Hawkins, Rich Rodriguez and the hottest seats of 2010 - ESPN - We won't be hearing the end of this until the wins start coming. I would recommend not purchasing any preview mags this year, it won't be pretty...

2. Dan Hawkins, Colorado Buffaloes: 
Hawk is very fortunate to have received one more shot to get the Buffs turned around. Last offseason, he made some bold talk. His team certainly did not back it up, going 3-9, which is less than one-third of the wins we were hearing about. In fact, their national TV loss to Toledo may have been the most embarrassing loss in the program's history, a CU source told me recently. On paper, Hawkins has recruited pretty well, but most of his highest-rated recruits have fizzled at CU. His record is 16-33.

Colorado_medium Video: Best case/worst case -- Colorado - Big 12 Blog - ESPN - Ubben does not like the 2010 Buffaloes. I don't know what else to say. Actually, yes I do.  David, I'll bet you a lot of money that the Buffs win 5 games or more and do not finish last in the Big 12 next year. Since you seem to be leaning towards 1-11, that's one hell of a deal for you.

Colorado_medium NorthernStar Newspaper | Article - Things don't seem to be going very well for Ricardo Patton...

"This past season I was told to take a back seat to Xavier Silas," Anderson said. "Coach Ricardo Patton told me that he had his pro here and that he didn't need me to do all the things I had done in the past. I accepted the role because I thought it would help us win games. I just followed the orders. If I didn't, something like this would have happened earlier. "Patton betrayed me."