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The Ralphie Report T-Shirt Design Update - 3 More Days!

Just 3 more days until we choose our 5 favorite t-shirt ideas and have the community vote on their favorites.  In related news, SBNation now has the capability to set up store fronts where you can easily buy Ralphie Report merchandise. This means that you can buy a shirt if you aren't one of the ones that won one and if we get more than one idea that everyone likes we can make sure that they are all available to purchase!

So far here are our favorite 5 ideas in no particular order with the users that submitted them:

1) Win or lose, we still booze - DABUFFS50
2) Going to a big bowl every season, CU Skiing - CleBUFFS
3) CU: We're a basketball school, I swear - 303buff
4) 2010 - No excuses.  Until 2011 - Broncoman
5) CU Football - Boise State without the Coaching- irish1611

All final submissions should be in by Sunday night.  On Monday morning I will post the best of the best to be voted on by all of you. Remember, the user who submits the chosen slogan gets a free shirt and let's try and keep these as positive as possible. I want to see some good ideas!