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Friday Buff Bites - More PAC 10 Expansion Talk

Colorado_mediumCU and Utah pairing only logical move for Pac-10 | The Denver Post — All Things Colorado Sports

It will either be Colorado and Utah coming in together as new members of the Pac-10 or there will be no expansion by that conference. That’s the feeling of Ken Goe, a respected, veteran sports writer of the Portland Oregonian newspaper. Goe has covered the Pac-10 for decades. And in addition to being knowledgeable, he has a unique perspective. Goe grew up in the Denver metro area before heading off to the great Northwest for college, more years ago than he’d like to admit. I chatted with Ken for a half hour on the phone. He phoned me, wanting to pick my brain about expansion. I told him that Colorado, if asked, would probably jump at the chance to join the Pac-10. It would be a great fit academically, culturally, philosophically, I said. CU is a top research institution, a significant portion in the aerospace industry. Doesn’t that sound like a Pac-10 school? And, with CU averaging about 40 percent of its student body from out of state, there are a lot of alumni – some deep-pocketed — along the West Coast and especially in California.

Colorado_mediumWoelk: Expansion fallout could be widespread - Buffzone

Colorado doesn`t want to end up in a division that would include Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State and Utah. It would greatly reduce Colorado`s connection with Southern California and the Bay Area. A more equitable arrangement would be to split the California schools, giving each division a slice of the Golden State: Pac-10 Northwest: Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, California and Stanford. Pac-10 Southwest: Arizona, Arizona State, Southern Cal, UCLA, Colorado and Utah.

Colorado_mediumWalters To Join Brown At Arizona -

Ryan Walters and Bush Hamdan are leaving the University of Colorado football program in hopes of furthering their careers. Walters, a three-year starter at safety for the Buffaloes and the team's 2008 co-captain and most valuable player, is following former secondary coach Greg Brown to the University of Arizona. Walters, who played for Brown at CU, will work as his defensive graduate assistant.

Colorado_mediumCU Buff freshman Sharpe says rehab going 'great` - Buffzone

Sharpe has been told that he could be medically cleared to start playing basketball again as early as April 1. He has been running stairs and making cuts to get the knee stronger and will be fitted with a brace next week that will allow him to go through shooting drills with teammates.

Colorado_mediumPrince an interesting hire for Buffs … | Out of Bounds

The newest addition to CU’s coaching staff, Robert Prince, figures to be the Buffs’ wide receivers coach — but I wouldn’t be surprised if his duties include a little more than just wideouts.

Colorado_mediumStruggling teams look overseas to fill tall order - ncaa -

Five of the bottom six teams in the Big 12 - Oklahoma is the exception - have at least one foreign-born big man. Colorado is breaking in 6-11 freshman Shane Harris-Tunks, who joined fellow Australian guard Nate Tomlinson to Boulder. "In our case, we're not established yet in the Big 12 and you can't fight the top dogs for the recruits here,'' said Colorado assistant and chief recruiter Derrick Clark. "You have to think outside of the box and go places where the powers aren't normally. If you're in the Top 25, there are plenty of big men over here. There aren't enough of them for everyone stateside.''

Colorado_mediumMBB Hits The Road At K-State -

Colorado_mediumCSU re-signs Athletics Director Paul Kowalczyk through 2015

Colorado_mediumTexas to Big Ten? Anything to avoid K-State | Campus Corner

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Sharpe Stays Positive, Focused And Sharp -

As odd as this might sound, almost from moment of Sharpe's arrival in Boulder last summer, Bzdelik had found his team leader. "And I say that based on his personality and how others engage in a positive way to him," Bzdelik said. "No. 2, his defensive pressure and presence was really going to be the heart and soul of our defense, because your defense starts with your ability to control the other team's point guard - and we haven't been able to do that." Granted, the Buffs are a very young team (one senior), but I asked Bzdelik how rare he found it for a freshman to show up and assert himself as Sharpe did. "Yes (it's rare), but he's a rare young man in terms of the positive intangibles combined with his athleticism and the skill he brings," Bzdelik said.