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Friday CU Buff Bites - And the New Colorado Football Coach Is:

Not officially announced yet.  But if you've been out of the loop and need to play catch-up, (or don't have time to reconstruct things from the message boards) this is the place for you. 

Colorado_mediumSo, the Short, Short Version: Les Miles decided he likes humidity, and took his name out of the running.  Mike Belotti decided he likes being on TV, and Troy Calhoun decided he likes dress blues, so they were both out, too.  Ol' Bill said some stuff in 1992, and so then we were then down to three: CU focuses coaching search on three - Eric Bienemy, Jon Embree, and Jim McElwain.

Colorado_mediumAt this point, our own Ralphie Report Buff-in-IL and his adorable electric-guitar-playing-progeny gave us this scoop:

1) My sources are telling me its Embree, not EB; and Embree’s potential slate of coaches is far more impressive. All of this is heresay, but I trust my sources on this one...

Which we didn't really recognize at the time until people saw this:  Bill McCartney: 'Good source' says Jon Embree offered CU Buffs head coaching job - Buffzone

Former Colorado coach Bill McCartney said "a good source" told him former Buff tight end Jon Embree has been offered the head coaching job in the CU football program. In addition, McCartney said his source said former CU running back Eric Bieniemy will join Embree in Boulder as offensive coordinator and possibly assistant head coach.

Colorado_mediumThat story immediately prompted this: Bohn Statement on Football Coaching Search - 

"...I want to make clear that the search committee has not yet completed its work, and we have not yet offered the job to any candidate..."

Which has led to this version of the story: CU closes in on Jon Embree; source says no official offer made yet - Buffzone

Colorado_mediumAnd now we're glad that we're not Miami and getting love letters from Donald Trump scribbled on the front page of the newspaper.  Nevertheless, all sorts of media outlets are saying that the offer's already been made, and Colorado football has been in the news for the entire week, and will likely continue.

Colorado_mediumWhere does that leave us? Back where we started, with Buff-in-IL revealing why TRR needs to start a poker night pronto, and that Embree's proposed list of assistant coaches is worth getting excited about.


I’m sorry I got everyone all worked up last night and then went MIA. I had my company Christmas party. May or may not (and by may not I mean I definitely did) have told the president of my business to F*#< off while playing cards at a bar. Good thing I got promoted a month ago…. Classy.

So, a couple of things:
1) I may have used the word "ecstatic" a little too loosely. If the list I have is accurate, I’m very excited and very happy with the slate. Others could easily feel differently. If the list is accurate then Ash will be happy with the number of NFLers and former coordinators on the list. Whether they qualify for his X’s & O’s desires I’m not smart enough to opine on.

2) I won’t post the list I have. I do not know if it is accurate and I do not want to put these peoples names in play if it isn’t. I don’t want to put their names in play even if it is accurate because who knows if they have even been approached about the positions (although one would assume they have been.

Again, sorry I went MIA last night, but hopefully this will all be over in short order.

Of course there's plenty more in the discussion pages from the last few days, and there likely will be more up to and past the official announcement.  Join the discussion if you haven't already, and just remember, you heard it here first.

After the jump; CU Basketball, Oklahoma's Diamond Package (that they stole from Oke State), and Cam Newton something something...

Colorado_mediumCAM NEWTON ELIGIBLE, AND YEAH, THIS STILL FEELS WEIRD - Every Day Should Be Saturday - While we were out; Cam Newton was suspended, and then reinstated...  Yeah, I don't know either.

The eligibility issue is resolved. The speed was quick, but there was a lot of communication between the NCAA and Auburn's compliance people during this process, meaning this was likely part of the conversation for a while. The NCAA likely said, "We know this much, and would like you to do this if you want him to play," Auburn complied, and the ruling was reached quickly after what has been effectively a three week negotiation with the NCAA.This was a managed event by the school and the Association, and thus the lack of an announcement of his ineligibility yesterday. We know the "how now?" question. More on the "why now" in a bit. (Spoiler: WE DON'T KNOW AND NEITHER DO YOU.)

Colorado_mediumWatch the trailer for ESPN's perfectly timed SMU scandal doc - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports - Say this for ESPN: They know how to time a documentary. The next entry in the network's "30 for 30" series, chronicling the series of scandals that infamously killed SMU football in 1987 airs at 9 p.m. ET on Dec. 11. Here's the new trailer...

Colorado_mediumReport: Texas Will Replace Greg Davis As Offensive Coordinator - Burnt Orange Nation - Orangebloods is reporting that Greg Davis will be replaced as the Texas offensive coordinator, but there has not been an official announcement by the school or confirmation from other news outlets.

Colorado_mediumSooners' 'Diamond' could give them edge - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

The Sooners' Diamond package is still relatively new. Whether or not Nebraska can send it out of style early on Saturday should have a big impact on who leaves as Big 12 champions.

..."It’s difficult at times [to stop], but if you read your keys and play it right, it’s not that difficult," Beal said...

...Oklahoma State's defense certainly made it look difficult. The Sooners' collection of misdirections and quick handoffs, as well as power runs, screens and downfield passes out of the formation baffled the Cowboys, who gave up 47 points to the Sooners' offense.

Colorado_mediumRumor RUMOR - Taylor Martinez Prima Donna Transfer Imminent! - Corn Nation - Nothing makes a rumor better than adding sex with cheerleaders. It's a wrap!

Colorado_mediumDefense leads CU women past Bobcats - Buffzone
How do you know when your defense is having a good night on the basketball court? When a five-minute scoring drought by the offense doesn't even allow the opponent within 20 points.

Colorado_mediumPaige: CU would do well with Embree as coach - The Denver Post

CU made a gold-and-silver, bold-and-bright choice in Jon Embree. The 45-year-old Embree will be CU's new head coach, CU's first minority head coach, the first former CU player to become the school's full-time head coach and the first son of a former Denver Broncos player to be the CU head coach. Colorado is putting the football program in the family. Jon Embree "is a Buff, and he will be surrounded by an all-star cast of Buffs,"

Go Buffs!