David Moala DT Gardena (Serra), CA


This kid should definitely be a recruiting target for Coach Tui. He's not much of a passrusher, but he's strong as hell. In 2012, I'd love to see Bonsu and this guy rotating at the NT/ space clogger with Cunningham and Pericak at the Warren Sapp/ pass rusher technique spot. I asked Brandon Huffman from Scout if he had the frame to add 25-30 lbs, and he said "definitely," which would put him square in the 315 range. And he can certainly learn to rush the passer. Also, from a powerhouse program, which never hurts. Hopefully Tui and/ or Cabral will be at the Poly All American game in SoCal on 1/15 and can get in his ear (hopefully I'll be there as well). Another guy who is most definitely under recruited, with offers only from SDSU, CSU, and SJSU.