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Colorado Buffaloes Strength Coach Jeff Pitman Fired

The Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado Buffaloes head coach Jon Embree has fired strength coach Jeff Pitman. Pitman followed Dan Hawkins from Boise State and has been with the University ever since. He oversaw the strength programs for all 16 of Colorado's collegiate sports. He becomes the seventh member of Dan Hawkins' staff to not be retained. 

Many of us expected that this move would happen as feelings on Pitman's performance were mixed and Embree more than likely has a ton of contacts (especially from his NFL days) that could possibly be a good fit to take over the Buffs' strength program. It can be pretty hard for an outsider to get a good idea of how strong (pun not intended) universities conditioning programs are, but there were definitely a large number of injuries during Jeff's time with the Buffaloes. There were some success stories as well (Nate Solder for one), but most Buffaloes will expect to see an upgrade in this department going forward.