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EPIC COLLAPSE - Kansas Scores 35 Unanswered in 4th Quarter to Beat Colorado

This should be the fitting end right? This should be it. Is there any doubt now if the University of Colorado officials have any guts & pride, they would take care of business immediately? Not at the end of the season, not Tuesday. Immediately.

Today's loss was the cherry on top of what will define the Dan Hawkins era. It started with a loss against a FCS school in Montana State and it should end with an embarrassing 52-45 loss to the Kansas Jayhawks. A game where the Colorado Buffaloes were up 45-17 in the fourth quarter and instead of running the ball, instead of being aware on special teams, instead of closing out the game, Colorado did what they have done under Dan Hawkins ever since he started.

This marks the 16th straight loss on the road for Dan Hawkins. It pretty much guarantees Colorado another losing season. Let's face it, the next three games will probably be large losses after the debacle today.

Make the move now, not tomorrow. Move on, start the search and better yourself for next year.