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Weekly Staff Discussion - Can The Buffaloes Please Win A Road Game?

Welcome to our weekly discussion amongst The Ralphie Report's staff. Same format as last week, so dig right in.

Feel free to throw your answers to the same questions into the comments below.

Buffs Questions:

1) What are your thoughts on next year's quarterback? Can this team win with Tyler Hansen or will it be time to give Hirschman his shot?

Bob: I think Tyler Hansen will need to be re-evaluated with a different coaching staff, just like we need to with the whole team. The offense is completely different when Cody Hawkins is in the game compared to Tyler Hansen. With Hawkins, they stretch the field vertically. With Hansen, they seem not to trust him throwing downfield as well as not utilizing his feet enough. I like what Hirschman brings to the table, from what I have seen but who knows until a new staff is in place.

Ash: I don't think it's time to go straight to Hirschman. Assuming Hansen heals, I say we stick with him next
year, and actually develop an offense that works with his skill set.

David: Next year already? Yeah, I'm with you...It depends. Tyler Hansen has some experience and has dealt with a lot of crap in his three years here with blowing redshirts and now another partial season played. But Hansen isn't going to set the world on fire. He has been inconsistent and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Hirschman next year. And depending on what happens with the (new) coaching staff, Hansen and Hirschman will most likely both be starting over with a new system. The grass is always greener, right? So I'm going to say they should give Hirschman a shot. He's got the size and was very accurate in High School. He looked good at times in August, and he looked like he had better pocket presence than both Hansen and Hawkins.

Jon: Honestly, I think it depends on the offensive coordinator than it does Hansen himself. Tyler showed in the Georgia game that he has the talent to get it done if the offense is tailored to his strengths, but I do not think that he is the type of quarterback that can run multiple offensive styles. One thing is for sure, he deserves a fair shake at the starter position after the breaks he has had the last three seasons (redshirts pulled, injuries).

2) Would you trade our situation with the Jayhawks right now? They already have their coach on board, but he has struggled this year, we haven't got a new coach and have no idea who will be hired. 

Bob: I like our situation better simply because of the rumors flying around of potential coaching hires as well as the move to the Pac-12. We should be in a much better situation considering the conference change and the fact that I do think this current group has some talent.

Ash: No way. I know it feels like they're ahead of us having already hired their new coach, but they're actually 4 years behind us. They're where we were when Hawkins came in; no need to re-live that. Besides, they're Kansas.

David: I don't want to be in their shoes for a couple of reasons. The first is the big ol' scandal they've got going on. The second is their coach is a former Husker (yech), and the third is that they're stuck in the Big 12/10 here on out. Yes, they know who their coach is for the foreseeable future (at least we know who ours WON'T be...), but that isn't everything. And really, do any of you think we will be worse next year sans Hawkins? We are historically bad right now (I'll talk about this a little bit in my game preview), despite our three wins. I think it's worse to lose winnable games than it is to just lose games. I had two different people say to me after the TTU and Baylor games, "at least we kept it close." That was even more painful to me. Losing games that we can (and should) win hurts.

Jon: I would not trade places with KU right now because I still believe we have a lot of talent on this team. I think with a little luck and the right coach in place, this Buffaloes team can turn things around pretty quickly, at least next season. I think that Turner Gill can get it turned around in Lawrence, but he needs to do it soon. There can't be multiple losing seasons or people will forget the success that was achieved in the Mark Mangino years.

3) Well, it's now or never for Hawkins. Last chance to win one more road game before he leaves. Does he get it done this weekend in Lawrence?

Bob: I sure hope so just so the next coach doesn't have to try and break the streak next season.

Ash: Yes, and in convincing fashion. Lawrence isn't that far from Boulder, and hopefully that proximity will limit whatever disruptions occur [and they do occur] to the team's normal schedule.

David: Unfortunately, I don't think so. As much as we need a win, Kansas needs one too. And we all know how well we show up on the road. I think we find another spectacular way to lose a game that we absolutely should win. I want to say differently, but we all know how well my predictions have turned out (besides the Georgia game). There are a ton of reasons why we should win this game. Kansas has struggled a ton this season, but something's got to give. Unfortunately I think it's us.

Jon: Please, please get it done. I don't know if Buffalo fans can handle another loss here. Unfortunately, a loss is a very possible outcome. We have had plenty of winnable road games during this losing streak where the team just didn't show up. I think think the Buffs will get it done on Saturday behind a strong game from Speedy and Cody.

CFB Questions:

1) If the Big East commissioner and had to add two teams, who would you go after right now?

Bob: I didn't know the Big East still played football. I have no idea. [He's lying - Jon]

Ash: Right after I cry because I'm the commissioner of the Big East [Syracuse is their lone bowl-eligible team right now], I try to poach Penn St and Va. Tech from their current conferences; the Big East is like a farm-club conference right now, all mid-majors and no big-time program.

David: I know they'd never join, but I would go after Notre Dame first. I think ND will have to join a conference at some point, so why not one that they'll be more competitive in than the Big 10/12? Besides ND, I would say the Big East is going after the right schools. Villanova & UCF would be solid additions. I do think conferences should stay somewhat regional, so I don't like TCU as an option, but only because of that. They would be a good fit, otherwise. Perhaps a school like Buffalo?

Jon: I would have Villanova move up from I-AA and add UCF. Nova is a solid team that could hopefully have a move to I-A status similar to UCONN and they already are in the Big East in other sports. UCF has a HUGE enrollment (second biggest in the country) and a brand new stadium, plus they would create a fun little rivalry with USF. In a dream world the Big East would add Notre Dame and not have to add any schools to the basketball side of things. Hey, maybe the Irish could actually win a few games that way. Selfishly I would much rather TCU stay in the Mountain West and give that conference an automatic berth, that way CSU would be a AQ school as well.

2) Rich Rodriguez is having another late season collapse and has another tough game coming up against a much improved Illinois team this Saturday. Do you think he deserves another year or is it time to give him the boot?

Bob: One thing I learned as a Broncos fan, Greg Robinson is not your guy. If he keeps Robinson on next year, he should be fired.

Ash: It seems like Michigan almost turned the corner this season. Phenom athletes can make any system look good, but I think that next year will be the make-or-break.

David: I'm not sure he "deserves" anything. I think they should see if they can get the Defense turned around next year, but no more than that. He's rubbed enough people the wrong way, though, so I could see him getting sacked at seasons end.

Jon: Talk about a guy whose stock has plummeted. Rich Rod was seen as a can't miss hire, even with all of the drama from his separation with West Virginia. Now, I'm not so sure that he will be able to get it done in Ann Arbor. I would give him one more year and force him to fire Greg Robinson. Then if he doesn't win 9-10 games next year, he is doneski.

3) Give me the final scores:

- Arizona @ Stanford
- TCU @ Utah
- Baylor @ Oklahoma State
- Alabama @ LSU
- Arkansas @ South Carolina

- Arizona @ Stanford 21 - 29
- TCU @ Utah 30 -20
- Baylor @ Oklahoma State 55 - 56
- Alabama @ LSU 15 - 13
- Arkansas @ South Carolina 28 - 27

What? No Hawai'i - Boise St?
- Arizona 24 @ Stanford 30
- TCU 38 @ Utah 28
- Baylor 38 @ Oklahoma State 45 - I'm genuinely bothered that this game will help decide the Big12 South
- Alabama 28 @ LSU 20
- Arkansas 17 @ South Carolina 13

- Arizona @ Stanford 33-21 Stanford
- TCU @ Utah 41-9 TCU (I'm on the TCU bandwagon)
- Baylor @ Oklahoma State 37-33 Baylor
- Alabama @ LSU 17-10 Alabama
- Arkansas @ South Carolina 29-24 Alabama

- Arizona @ Stanford 31-27
- TCU @ Utah 24-10
- Baylor @ Oklahoma State 31-41
- Alabama @ LSU 20-17
- Arkansas @ South Carolina 38-30

Awesome Question:

1) Dream job. If you could do any job that you wanted (can't say no job), what would you do?

Bob: College football coach or be Kirk Herbstreit...

Ash: Architecture is still my dream job, so basically what I do now, except I'd make it not suck. I'd like to be the campus architect for a university, or maybe mayor of a city with an actual planning office (i.e. Not Houston).

David: Well I'm about to embark on my dream job in January, which is pretty exciting for me. I'm headed to LA (where I'll get to see my Buffs in person once a year now!) to become a TV/Film writer. If I had to pick one that I wasn't trying to pursue, I would have to say a College Football Coach. Because who needs to sleep, right?

Jon: Not exactly sure what it is called (music supervisor maybe??) but I would love to be the person who selects music for movies and commercials. Sitting around trying to find the perfect song (or no song at all) would be so fun to me.