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"Speedy" Gets ESPN Helmet Sticker Award from Holtz

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I was watching ESPN's College Football Final just now.  As the show neared it's end, I knew the Helmet Sticker Awards would be coming up.  Having gone to the CU-KSU game this afternoon, I had seen the remarkable performance of Rodney "Speedy" Stewart.  I was thinking about how I was going to e-mail Rece Davis, Mark May & Lou Holtz and lambast all three of them for the expected slight of ignoring CU in general and Speedy in particular when it came time to honor the day's best performances.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Lou Holtz pick up a gold helmet with a familiar Buffalo emblem, and then place a helmet sticker on it to honor Speedy Stewart for rushing for 195 yards and 2 TDs AND throwing a 23-yard pass to Toney Clemons for another TD.  Will wonders never cease; they never mentioned the game the whole hour, then Coach Lou comes through for CU.  I'll bet the last time CU got a College Football Final T-Shirt autographed by Holtz et al was when Chris Brown ran for 6 TDs against the Huskers in 2001.  Way to go Speedy!